Friday, January 20, 2012

snatch 'n' grab

Children are taught not to snatch and grab. I’ve decided the rules are different though for mothers. If I don’t snatch and grab TIME I will never accomplish a project, a phonecall, writing a card to a friend, exercise, sewing, gardening, reading…whatever it may be.

I’d been wanting to sew some pants for the boys but 3 days of heavy rain stopped me from driving 40 minutes each way to the fabric shop in Mornington. So when I decided to sew them out of fabric I had at home my next thought was “I’ll wait til Sol has his nap today". I got sidetracked and the making didn’t happen. Then I thought "I’ll wait til they’re asleep tonight" then it was late and still the time didn’t seem right. Another day passed and the pants were still annoyingly unmade, not even begun.

I decided it was TIME to snatch ‘n’ grab. Half an hour before the boys bedtime while they ran around me I laid out the fabric and began pinning on the pattern. The boys stopped playing to ‘help’. While Sol played with the sharp scissors and tipped the pins out onto the carpet, River and I continued pinning the pattern to the fabric. We’d made a start! Then, Sol tore the pattern in half. Ok, time for bed boys.

An hour later after I tucked them in and the house was quiet I returned to the pants. After sticky taping the pattern back together I was ready to cut them out. I’d made a start.

When the boys woke the next morning all I had left to do was put the elastic in the waist and hem them.

Ta da! They were done.

So I invite you to snatch ‘n’ grab some time. Don’t wait for that lovely long stretch of uninterrupted day or night. Get started on writing or reading that book, sewing that dress, painting that masterpiece, lifting those weights. The time is now. Just make a start.

You can find 15 minutes each day to dedicate to something you really want to make happen by the end of the week you will have devoted almost 2 hours to your task.

It works. Try it and see. I’d love to hear how it works for you, what you create.

Happy weekend everyone.

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