Tuesday, October 11, 2016

why I'm taking an official blogging break

Hello there it's been a while and in that while I've made a decision...to take an extended break from blogging.

On our recent travels I realised I was doing too much and it didn't feel good.

In fact it felt stressful. I felt anxious and like I was never really 'on top' of anything.

Something had to give and I decided the blog was one of those things.

I thought about my current priorities and decided that instead of blogging, I want to:

- write a book. Perhaps even bookS.


- focus on building my husband's online gallery River&Sol as a solid business because I've always wanted to focus on building a successful business and the reality is without focus things just don't work as well as they could, simple as that.

Not focusing, scattering oneself across many things is a form of self-sabotage in a way.

So, I'm focusing and it is such a relief.

I love my blog.

I have loved blogging.

I will miss blogging.

I won't miss the guilt and worry that came with not posting for a while.

There are many great wholefood mamas to follow for wholefood inspiration, many more beyond this list but here are some of the friends (and their blogs) I've been lucky to make over the blogging years who will keep you on track and well fed:

Natural New Age Mum
Lisa Corduff
Brenda Janscheck
Well Nourished
Happy Tummies
Cut out the Crap
Barefoot Kitchens
Alexx Stuart
Jo Whitton
The Nourished Psychologist
Additive Free Bites

Thankyou for being a reader here.

Continue to join me on Instagram @wholefoodmama or @riverandsol.

We'll meet again some day, perhaps here, hopefully through the pages of a book!

Until then, remember that good health is golden so treasure it and count all your blessings. Twice.

With love, Nikki aka The Wholefood Mama

(photo credit: Peter McConchie)
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