Friday, August 03, 2012

friday sky

Friday. Fifteen degrees and perfect.

It's been a while since I've written a list here and being an order loving Virgo I do love a list, so here goes:

I cooked this chicken and cashew stir fry earlier in the week, a simple crowd pleasing favorite found on the uber stylish Mimi Thorisson's blog Manger. Swoon over Mimi and her rural French lifestyle. The photography alone is worth clicking for.

Keeping on the Asian food theme, this raw pad Thai dish on My New Roots sings Springtime...nearly there!

You know how it goes, one click here, one click there and you wind up somewhere on the web thinking how did I get here? Like, er, Gwyneth Paltrow's outdoor kitchen??

For some homegrown organic goodness visit Foxs Lane

Visit Amy Chaplin's gorgeous wholefood blog, Coconut & Quinoa, it's filled with enticing recipes and photography to match. Enjoy!

I hope your week was all you wanted it to be and that your weekend is even better.
See you back here next week for more wholefood goodness. Thanks for reading x


  1. thanks for those lovely links and your email, have started on it but might be a couple of days in the re editing and making sure i don't sound like a complete fool. when is your birthday and are you 40 this year? only because you have implied you are heading that way. any plans for birthday celebration?

  2. :) no chance you could sound like a complete fool. Interesting though isn't it, when we have to reflect and put into words things we do every day. Take your time, be yourself and it will be great! The way I talk about approaching 40 you'd think it was tomorrow. My birthday is September 13 and this year I turn 38, but I am using turning 40 as a marker to work towards certain goals I have been wanting to achieve for some time now. For my whole life I have always worked best 'under pressure' to a deadline, or due date as Pete prefers me to call them. So I have two years to plan a great celebration! x

    1. i love your 'planning ahead' cannot wait to see this great celebration, with goals achieved, lessons learnt and new ones emerging, what a delight. have you planned anything for this birthday or is it all focused on 40, this birthday could just be labelled as two years and counting! my birthday is only a few days away from yours on the 22nd of september :) 36 for me. xxx

  3. Thank you for those links could spend ages looking through those gorgeous photos on the Coconut and Quinoa blog. I must go back and visit for some menu planning ideas. x


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