Friday, February 01, 2013

friday at school

School resumed and Autumn seems to have crept in early. I am holding out hope for a last blast of summer heat over the next few weeks. Feeling very grateful though that rains that fell here last night were light; thinking of all those around our great big land that are dealing with the ravages of fire or flood I hope that relief and recovery are swift.

To all those readers whose children began or returned to school this week I hope it was a smooth transition from holiday mode to school days.

This week around the web these are some of the places I've enjoyed...

I am so inspired by people such as Marion Nestle an American Professor of Nutrition and Sociology who is dedicating her life to social change. This week I discovered Marion's blog Food Politics and look forward to seeking out her books.

Whether you are starting out learning to cook or sew or paint or sing, whatever it may be take heart from this beautiful, eloquent post from Amanda Soule as she reminds us about the importance of commitment to practice. Oh how I loved reading this. Thank you Soulemama.

A bit more blog love, have you been reading Cookie + Kate?

I haven't cooked with xylitol before but this recipe for nut and yoghurt tart looks like a good place to start.

I know a few of you have nominated this year as your year to get into fermentation - me included! I am very inspired by this post on For the Love of Food.

Hemsley and Hemsley is a blog about The Art of Eating Well written by London ladies Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley. Great wholefood recipes!

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend and next week I am very excited to have the next post in the interview series with wholefood mamas. Wholefood mama Renee McCready has many wonderful wise words to share and a delicious raw food recipe. Plus I will have the post about sprouting that I promised a little while ago. Happy cooking (or uncooking ;) xx

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  1. after a whole Sunday of full on cleaning, i have finally sat down in a quiet house and here is where I intend to spend my time before making dinner, thanks lovely, your links are beautiful, as usual. hope you are well. xx


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