Monday, September 08, 2014

spring cleanse reading

Life got in the way last week of getting this posted on Friday for weekend reading so here it is to start your week...

In keeping with our spring cleanse/self care theme this week here are a few links to help you cleanse body, mind, and spirit and to inspire you to be as kind to yourself as you are to your best friend.

I LOVE this from The Yogic Housewife - Don't worry no one has it all together

The importance of connecting to nature for our well-being and our children's well-being is spelt out clearly on Nic's page. Her passion and clarity about this brought tears to my eyes.

If you are looking for tips on starting meditation head to Leonie's post: Meditation for lazy people

Or exercise inspiration go here

For green smoothie inspiration head to Simple Green Smoothies

What to eat?

Try my simple parsley, apple and capsicum salad

My friend Robin's warm kale and pumpkin salad (minus the feta if you are on the cleanse)

Teresa Cutter's warm broccoli salad with kale, lime and roasted tamari almonds

Janella Purcell's miso soup with veggies

Green Kitchen Stories carrot, tomato and coconut soup or warm cauliflower salad (again minus the feta if you are on the cleanse). There are many other delicious suitable recipes on this site.

This delicious sounding vegetable curry

I have been making separate/additional meals for my children during the spring cleanse, it is the only time I do this! I have been keeping it simple for them though too, avocado, poached egg on toast, tasting plate with veggie sticks, olives, hoummus that sort of thing.

I'd love to hear how those of you on the spring cleanse are going. Only 5 days to go! Which also means 5 days until my birthday. Can't quite believe I am turning 40! Half way to 80. More thoughts on that later. Happy Monday!

Photo credit: Peter McConchie

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