Sunday, September 20, 2015

stills collection

1. When people ask "how's the homeschooling going?" I say "great. the boys are learning to read and write and cook kangaroo tail".

2. Making a necklace by the fire. "No talking when beading. You'll burn your fingers" our friend Leonie Palmer tells me. Wire is heated in the fire to pierce holes through the seeds. It takes great concentration.

3. Desert jewels.

4. "I'm so happy out here (out bush), the happiness of the land gets into you." - MK Turner.

5. Night falling driving back into Alice after being out bush.

6. I turned 41! Happy Birthday to me.

7. Lorna Hendry and River at the N.T. Writer's Festival this weekend. I'm reading Lorna's book Wrong Way Round to the boys. River in particular is loving it and didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet Lorna in person. River's birds nest hairdo took Lorna back to her family's traveling days when her son's hair was the same. "Just leave it" she told me. My Virgo sensibility is struggling!


  1. Happy Birthday Nikki!!!

    Also what a wonderful adventure you are on. The homeschooling sounds brilliant, what fabulous things your boys are learning. x

    1. Thanks Imogen! Yes it is an adventure we're on I can't deny that! I am enjoying it all and feel immensely lucky to be where we are x

  2. Happy birthday and I agree, leave the hair, there is plenty of time for it to be neat and tidy and it will come.

  3. Happy Birthday to you...mine was the 15/09 last week. The necklace making sounds very interesting and your boys are learning lots of life skills.....have a good week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. Happy birthday! I finished reading the post, & couldn't help but laugh because my thought when I saw the picture of River's hair was "Awesome!". Three year old Ted is "growing it looooong" at the moment, during his swimming lesson this week his goggles kept it out of his eyes. If he is anything like Ted, any time spent trying to brush and/or wash it will be met with resistance and he'll mess it up again instantly :) It looks to be a fabulous adventure you are all on, thank you for taking us along for the ride!


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