Friday, August 30, 2013

friday back in the nest

It's been a week of feathering our nest here. Arriving home from our winter northern escape to a taste of Spring weather makes me feel happy and lucky!

On with today's list...

If green smoothies are your thing, meet the alkaline sisters

Do you think Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher sounds as crazy as I do?! I've never understood why vegetarians would want to eat faux meat.

I do love a good teatowel. And it's on sale.

Natalie's oat, apple and maple syrup slice was a lunchbox hit this week.

Going gluten free and need some inspiration? Visit Mamacino for a good dose of honesty and some delicious looking recipes.

I bought Lee's Super Charged Food for Kids this week and recommend it. Great info and tips for getting children to eat well, looking forward to trying out the recipes.

One for the romantics nothing to do with food, have you seen Jonas Peterson's wedding photography?! Dreamy.

Way off topic but very important and close to my heart, have you viewed the Culture is Life campaign that my husband Pete is working on with Indigenous Elders around Australia? Please share, raising awareness is the beginning of change.

And so our first week home comes to an end. I'm looking forward to the weekend as always. Any plans for father's day? Not many plans here. Pete is working photographing a wedding but we have a couple of small presents for him tucked away. Sol has been asking all week if we can bake a cake so I think I will pull out Jude's Wholefood Baking book and happily satisfy his wish.

Happy Father's day to all the dads. Have a beautiful weekend xx

Thursday, August 29, 2013

7 ideas for spring cleansing

We are close to leaving the dark and cosy days of winter behind and welcoming Spring in all its sun and blossom filled glory. Spring brings a fresh sense of possibility. It is time to step out into the sunshine and light, the perfect opportunity to sync with nature and cleanse ourselves of anything we are carrying that is no longer serving us - physically, emotionally and, possessions in our homes.

I started a spring cleanse on Monday, nothing drastic just a few doable changes that I will stick to for the next 3 weeks and am already feeling the benefits of after 3 days. 'Doable' is the key word in that sentence. Most mamas I know have enough on their plate without stretching themselves to go through a drastic cleanse. Also, it is important to consider the season of motherhood you are in, for example if you are in the season of having a newborn baby and are breastfeeding then doing a juice fast wouldn't be suitable but perhaps if you have teenagers and therefore have less demands on you physically then a juice fast might be doable. Before we go on, remember I am not a health practitioner what I write here is from my own research and personal experience if you'd like to embark on a cleanse or detox and haven't done so before you may want to seek professional advice first.

I wrote on Monday that I don't believe in all or nothing approaches to eating, I do though think there is benefit in abstaining from certain foods in your diet for a period of time particularly ones that may have a hold over you. It gives you a chance to regain perspective on the role they play in your life and how you feel when you eat them and it gives your digestive system a well earned rest.

Below are some ideas to get you started. Feel free to share some of your ideas in the comments.

1. Take a break from caffeine. I love my daily coffee, it punctuates my day. I enjoy whichever cafe I visit to have a coffee and I enjoy a rare moment of solitude if I escape by myself and just as much I enjoy the company of whoever I may be with. In place of my morning coffee I have been loving - carrot, apple, lemon and ginger juice. I only ever have one coffee a day usually in the morning, if I am looking for a lift in the afternoon I make a dandelion 'coffee' which is caffeine free, liver cleansing and satisfying.

2. Start your day with a glass of warm water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon. I have started my day with this drink for a number of years now. This too is liver cleansing and a great way to wake up. I also like it because it kicks starts my water drinking for the day, drinking enough water throughout the day is a challenge for me so starting the day with a big glass has become a good habit.

3. Drink 2 litres of water per day. This is such a simple step that can have a huge impact on the way you feel and how your body functions. Every cell on your body relies on water to function at its best. My Chinese doctor suggested every time I go into the kitchen or walk past the water filter to drink some water, it is about making it a habit. My aunty sets the alarm on her phone to ring every hour to remind her to drink some water.

4. Jump on the green smoothie train. I think most of us would benefit from eating more leafy greens and green smoothies are a delicious way to up your intake and your family's too. Freeze some bananas so you have them on hand whenever you feel like making one, grow or buy some leafy greens such as kale, spinach, parsley and mint, you will need a blender for this. If you don't have a high powered blender I find it best to use a soft leafy green such as baby spinach because it blends to a smooth texture, I don't enjoy pulpy green smoothies but you might! My usual recipe is: one banana, a good handful of baby spinach, as much parsley and mint as I feel like, filtered water and whatever other fruit I have perhaps berries in summer, or mandarines or orange in winter. Blend and serve. Meg at My Wholefood Romance has written a really helpful post on making green smoothies for beginners. (while you're over at Wholefood Romance check out the 21 day wholefood cleanse Meg has on her sidebar I haven't done it but it looks like a good place to start if you are looking for something detailed).

5. Drink liquid chlorophyll. If you haven't tried liquid chlorophyll this is a simple addition to your day that your body will love you for. It gives me an instant lift when I drink it. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants. Liquid chlorophyll concentrates the benefits, it is an antioxidant, aids digestion and is alkalising. (I buy the Swisse brand it has a spearmint flavour, each brand tastes slightly different).

6. Try these Spring eating tips inspired by Chinese medicine 

7. I recommend Cyndi O'Maera's 21 day program. It is titled as a weight loss, get healthy program but even if weight loss is not your goal it is a good program to do because it helps to focus your awareness on how the foods you eat make you feel, plus it contains lots of great, easy, family-friendly recipes. Cyndi has a very balanced approach to health and nutrition.

So, how does all that sound? Doable? I hope it kick starts you into some good new habits or revives some you had forgotten about. Happy, healthy day to all of you. Thanks for reading xx

Join me on facebook for some September spring cleansing encouragement.

Monday, August 26, 2013

monday musings: on what to eat

Deciding what to eat and what to feed your family for optimal nutrition AND pleasure is no easy feat in these modern times of fake food, misleading marketing and information overload.

Thanks to easy access to research and opinions that conflict and contradict one another we are all highly likely to make food choices we thought were nourishing, or follow a particular way of eating - paleo, vegan, no sugar, to name a few - only to discover a piece of information, or experience an adverse reaction to our chosen path that causes us to change our ways and beliefs.

A couple of ingredients I have gone down this path with are stevia and Bragg's Liquid Aminos. After doing a 3 month medically supervised detox - no wheat, dairy, sugar, salt, caffeine, dairy or alcohol - I jumped on the stevia train and tried to tell myself I liked it. I baked with the powdered version, in the end I had to admit to myself I didn't like the taste or texture it gave to cakes or biscuits. Similar experience with agave. My preferred sweeteners for baking now are maple syrup, honey and occasionally when I bake something that calls for sugar I use rapadura or coconut palm sugar.

We started using Bragg's Liquid Aminos after Dr. Gruba who we did the detox with recommended it as an alternative to salt. From the outset I wasn't mad about the flavour and the more I thought about it the more I thought about how highly processed it would have to be to go from a soy bean to a salty tasting liquid state! Not to mention the food miles coming from America and the plastic packaging. I started doing some research on the net and came across some highly emotive opinions about why not to eat Bragg's and some other more balanced voices too. In the end I decided to trust my instinct and have opted for decent sea salt used wisely is a much better choice.

As for deciding upon a 'style' of eating I've never been a fan of all or nothing approaches such as the quit sugar movement. I agree that over-eating refined white foods is not nourishing and can have a detrimental effect on long term health but I think that all or nothing diets such as the no sugar one, or no carbs, or no cooked food (100% raw) can come with a lot of hype that needs to be analysed. All or nothing diets can cause people to feel like failures if they can't stick with what they set out to do, this sense of failure can affect self-esteem and body image especially if weight loss was an initial goal. What I do think is good about the work that people such as Sarah Wilson and David Gillespie are doing is that they are raising awareness about things like hidden sugars and encouraging people to eat real food over processed food that is great! The highly emotive language that surrounds their message is a bit alienating to me.

Discovering and staying connected to what is nourishing, energising and satisfying for each of us, as unique beings is the aim. And the challenge.

What can we do to decide with confidence the best foods for ourselves and our family?

I've written some guidelines here based on my experience, research and dare I say good old-fashioned common sense! I hope they are useful. I am not a scientist, doctor or nutritionist if you are unwell please consult a qualified health practitioner, but even then listen to what they have to say with an open mind and if it doesn't feel right to you consult another and compare opinions. It can get confusing but just because someone has a qualification doesn't necessarily mean they are the practitioner for you. I would love for you to share your experiences and thoughts on this topic.

A guide for eating well

Trust Mother Nature: organically grown foods from the earth are real, your body will recognise this and soak up the nutrients.

Stick to what is local and seasonal. Consider those food miles.

Whatever you can afford to buy organic do.

If a particular way of eating is promising you the world - more energy, optimum health, ideal body weight, anti-aging and so on. Be curious AND skeptical. Look beyond the hype! Ask yourself is this way of eating sustainable for me and my family in the long term? Or is it more of a short term detox?

Read the fineprint on packaging always. Packaging can be decorated with many 'health' claims that are outweighed by the sugar, salt or trans fat content of a product. These 'health' foods can even be endorsed by high profile health organisations such as the Heart Foundation. Even if a food product claims to be healthy it is still important to always read the ingredients.

When researching, consider the source. Does the person writing or speaking have a vested interest in what they are promoting?

Trust your intuition and judgement, if an ingredient, way of eating, or recommendation from a health practitioner either in the media or one you meet in person genuinely doesn't feel right for you then go with your gut feeling and check out other options.

Useful resources:

I am a fan of Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions. Although, I have to say I don't think it is necessarily the best book for beginners to wholefoods because there is so much information it could easily be overwhelming.

I think that Jude Blereau brings a great voice of reason and wisdom to this topic, in particular I highly recommend two of her books Coming Home to Eat and Wholefood for Children.

A few blogs I love for their recipes and their grounded approach to this 'what to eat?' conundrum are:

Natalie's blog The Little Gnomes Home, visit her facebook page Digestible Kitchen.

Vanessa's blog Slow Heart Sing, Vanessa's facebook page is here.

Meg's blog My Wholefood Romance, facebook page here.

Nutritionist and chef extraordinaire Samantha Gowing's blog Bitter Sweet Sour.

Sonia at Natural New Age Mum, facebook here.

Kristin at Mamacino, facebook here.

**update: My clever friend Renee McCready is a natural medicine practitioner with a balanced approach and just happens to be an incredible creator of scrumptious raw food deliciousness minus the dogma! Find Renee's recipes on her facebook page or in her ebook.

Via Natalie I have found Emma The Nutrition Coach's blog to be really thought provoking, providing great detail and information. From what I understand from Emma's blog her focus is on an individual's metabolism and digestion taking into account hormonal balance and thyroid function, from what I've read this approach makes sense to me.

I'm sure I have left some other places I visit off this list, if I have let me know in the comments, leave a link to your site or favorites.

We all need help and support in making the best food choices for ourselves and our families and although information on the internet can be bewildering it is also a fantastic place for sharing great information and inspiration.

Thanks for reading xx

apologies for no photo today my camera has a grain of sand wedged in the lens and won't open and getting photos off my new phone is proving to be technologically challenging for me! photos again soon.

Friday, August 23, 2013

friday back in melbourne

We landed back in Melbourne last night to wind and rain, full blown winter. It is always bittersweet when our time in Northern New South Wales comes to an end and we leave sunshine and Northern Rivers friends to return to our Victorian home.

Today the boys and spent the morning at the Melbourne Museum while Pete went to a meeting for the Culture is Life campaign he is working on. I haven't been to the museum since I was in primary school. It must be one of the best value days out with children that there is. $10 entry for adults, free if you have a concession card, and free entry for children up to age 16. I managed to get a four hour park across the road $3.60 per hour is pretty good for city parking and spent $20 on lunch for the three of us in the museum cafe. Word of advice: avoid the gift shop. Saying no to requests to buy over-priced stuffed Australian animals and similar was tiring for me and frustrating for River and Sol so unless you have budget for toys/books or dvds keep on walking.

Now that we are back to the cooler weather soup is on the menu in a big way. Lamb shank and barley, and chicken are favorites, Georgia's minestrone looks good to try too.

I've been away from the blog this week not because I've wanted to, I have recipes to share, but partly because I was soaking up real life in Northern Rivers while I could, but mainly because a grain of sand has lodged itself in my camera and the lens will not open. And recipes just aren't the same without photos are they? What to do? Use your phone camera I hear you say. Well, I will do some experimenting with that idea over the weekend and in the meantime if you have any camera model suggestions (that is a camera that you love) let me know, I think I'm in the market for an upgrade...Jodi I did ask you a while ago but I have misplaced details if you are reading and can leave details again in the comments I'd be grateful.

Catching up on some blog/facebook reading with a cup of dandelion this raw chocolate peppermint slice looks tempting and how about this show-stopping raw vegan caramel slice?

Well that seems like a nice sweet note to finish on for this week. Bear with me on the photography front over the next couple of weeks until I can either get my camera repaired or purchase a replacement.

Oh, only to add I am inspired by Maxabella's Friday Rewind to invite you to share a link you like from this week it can be from your own blog or from somewhere else on the net something that you read and loved, that inspired you, or a winning recipe. For this week share it in the comments and I'll see if I can switch my brain into techno gear and work out the link up gizmo for next Friday.

Have a beautiful weekend wherever in the world you are. Thanks for reading xx

Monday, August 19, 2013

monday musings: on parenting

Its true children don’t come with their own personal instruction book explaining how to raise them. No, parenting is very much a learning by doing experience. I’m sure that sometimes children wished their parents came with instruction books too!

From the moment River was born I felt simultaneously in bliss and over-awed, in bliss that this precious little being was ours to love and nurture, and over-awed by the responsibility to ‘get it right’. By get it right I mean parent him to be the best that he can be.

River turned seven a few weeks ago (we celebrated with sushi see above and a bonfire), and I can feel and see the shift in him from childhood to boyhood. I watch him taking the world in, soaking up every nuance of life and the people around him. He is hungry. Hungry to learn, hungry for life. At the end of this next seven year cycle River will be fourteen and heading into the heart of his adolescence. I am conscious of giving him every opportunity, now, at this age, to grow in his confidence and capabilities.

As each birthday comes around for my children I find myself reflecting on the ways they’ve grown and how Pete and I have grown in our parenting. Or not grown. Its a good time to be mindful about what needs some work.

Over-thinking things is something I've done too often in the past, including how to parent. I’ve learned to let that go and found a happy place of being mindful rather than overwrought with analytical thinking that leads to second guessing myself.

I approach parenting with the adage ‘begin with the end in mind’, that is, think about the men and women you’d like your children to become and lay the foundations from birth. Pete and I want our boys to have respect for themselves, for others and for the world they live in. We are raising them to use their initiative and to realise from a young age that they are part of a bigger picture and that starts with contributing in our home.

I look around at the young men and women I know and am curious about how they have been parented, I ask their parents for tips and advice and file them away ready to put into practice.

The biggest obstacles I see on the path of parents and their children in these times are technology, fake food, and added to that for teenagers is the alcohol culture that has become an unfortunate excuse for a rite of passage. How to deal with these obstacles are posts for another day.

At this moment, in this season of my parenting I am filled with joy watching my boy’s personalities and passions unfold. River the actor, fisherman, surfer, guitarist, such a social being, always asking ‘what I have to eat mum?’ Sol the artist, painting daily is his meditation, colour and drawing held his attention from a young age, lost in imaginary play, boundless energy from the moment his eyes pop open, such physical strength, in awe of his big brother.

I am also challenged and tired by hearing ‘no!’ from them and when they squabble and whine.

Above all, I am beyond grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to parent these boys and to do so with Pete who is a wonderful father, who is fully present in every sense of the word. The three of them challenge me to grow, to be the best I can and to dig deeper. Even when I feel exhausted, thinking I can dig no more, I find more and I thank them for that.

Where are you at with parenting? Share your tips and experiences in the comments...

Friday, August 16, 2013

friday before home

Next Friday we will be back home on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. We are savouring the last days of this trip to Byron Bay and surrounds, feeling grateful to have skipped the heart of Victoria's chilling winter and instead have been warmed every day by glorious sunshine.

In the morning I'm hoping to make it to Mullumbimby market for a final scout around, looking at local designers wares, enjoying a coffee most likely while River and Sol indulge in an organic donut (believe me, the word organic does not negate the fat and sugar indulgence).

Sunday may see us heading south near Evans Head for a picnic with friends, or staying local...

By next Thrusday when we leave I will be feeling ready to be back in our own home, ready to reconnect with our southern family and friends. That said, there is much to miss about being here but I am not going to dwell on that because we still have five whole days ahead of us.

Let's get on with the list. Posts and blogs that have caught my attention and/or imagination this week...

We celebrated River's 7th birthday recently and were very happy when Jay and her family made the trip from Bellingen to join us. Click on over to view Jay's beautiful photography from our bonfire celebration. Thank you Jay xxx (love your new header too by the way)

Loved this post from Jodi on creating a bedtime for YOU 

At the local library this week I discovered a brilliant new book - The Artful Parent - I will write a review at some stage but in the meantime you have a chance to win a copy, quick go now entries close Saturday August 17 11.59pm EST. I love this book because the focus is on the art making process not the outcome and it is filled with realistic beautiful art projects and ways to slot the making into your day.

What's that you're hungry? So far none of these links are to food I hear you say. Have you tried my buckwheat, banana, walnut and maple syrup porridge? It surprises me that it is one of the most read posts on my blog. Who knew porridge was so interesting?! For something savoury, nourishing, easy, delicious AND crowd pleasing try Liana's one pot chicken and rice.

Got a favorite post from the week to share? Head on over and link up at Maxabella's weekend rewind. Thanks Maxabella. Great way to discover blogs and bring new readers.

Happy weekending everyone xx

Thursday, August 15, 2013

spaghetti circus

The pasta theme continues. Only today it is not the edible kind but the circus variety. In addition to homeschooling, learning to surf and catching fish with his Dad while we've been here in the Byron Shire, River has been going to Mullumbimby's Spaghetti Circus class learning to do handstands and cartwheels, strengthening his core muscles and balance while making new friends.

This year Spaghetti celebrates its 21st year and is hosting a circus festival from 4-6 October.

River LOVES his weekly class, as does Sol. In five weeks of attending weekly classes I have noticed how much the boys confidence has grown in their willingness to attempt physical things that they otherwise wouldn't have done, such as taking tiny steps while standing on top of a giant rubber ball, or being assisted to swing upside down on a trapeze bar. The confidence is quickly followed up with pride in themselves for either having a go or achieving something they didn't know they could do. It all adds up to good self-esteem from where I sit on the bunting edged sideline chatting to other mums, today's topic was the pros and cons of sending our children to school compared to homeschooling. I think there are aspects of both that River would benefit from, ideally I'd love it if he went to school 3 days a week and spent the other two days homeschooling.

I know this post is off the wholefood topic but spaghetti is in the title :) and circus is just such a fantastic thing for children (& adults!) that I wanted to share it with you. If you are ever in the area check out the timetable, there are adults and children's classes we have been paying $15 per casual class.

And just so you are not left hungry from this post here is the Spaghetti Circus chocolate dipped version of anzacs:

Love this poster that hangs in the circus shed kitchen...

oH Spaghetti Circus you are reason alone to live here all year round.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

pasta is not a dirty word

Poor old pasta. In these gluten-free, carbohydrate phobic times, eating a bowl of pasta has become problematic. I've never been an all or nothing kind of person so have never cut carbs completely out of my diet or my family's but I do think that our modern diets are too heavy on carbs and too light on vegetables. And there's one thing for certain, many kids love carbs and loathe vegetables!

What to do?

Well, when River was about 3 years old I talked to my Chinese doctor about this very situation and her response was to vary the grains that the pasta is made of.

The majority of pasta you see on the supermarket shelf is made from wheat which more and more people are finding that they have a sensitivity to or realise that their diets are too heavily based on wheat like for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wheat is a whole topic in itself but for starters go here .

We eat pasta about once a week or every ten days and avoid eating wheat, I buy gluten-free rice or corn pasta, spelt, amaranth or kamut pasta. The health food aisle in your supermarket stocks pasta that is made from grains other than wheat and your local health food store will most likely have an even wider range.

Now for the vegetables. Well, the good news is pasta sauce is a wonderland for concealing vegetables. If it isn't already, the grater should be your best friend. Grated carrot and zucchini are two of my favorites to include. That said, I don't really believe in hiding vegetables at every meal to get children to eat them.

Raising happy, healthy eaters begins with us the parents. Our attitude to good food, the example we set and having clear, consistent expectations are the foundations in my book. Speaking of books, for more tips on curing fussy eaters read 'French Kids Eat Everything' by Karen Le Billon.

There's no force feeding at our table but what we serve for dinner is dinner, there are no other options. When it comes to veggies most children go in and out of liking carrots, pumpkin, broccoli - insert vegetable name - one day and screwing their face up at the sight of them the next. The key is not to make a big deal out of it and not to give up putting vegetables on their plate. Yes it gets a bit boring having the same old 'eat your veggies' talk but it is our work, laying solid nutritional foundations for our children is an important job. Don't give up!

Back to the pasta. The dish pictured above is corn spaghetti (500g) tossed with roasted veggies, a whole jar of Meredith Dairy goat cheese (including the olive oil and herbs from the jar thrown in), semi dried tomatoes, fresh peas and roasted pine nuts. Roasted veggie pasta is one of my favorites, quick and easy.

Now, tell me your favorites? Or have you given up grains? Tell me why and how that's going.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

stills on sunday

1. The view from inside looking out at Footbridge cafe my new favorite Melbourne style cafe in Brunswick Heads. Address: 14 The Terrace Brunswick Heads. Phone: 02. 6685 1991

2. Soy cappacino @ Footbridge

3. Beauty

4. My fishermen

5. Me and my Mr River

6. Birthday bunting made by Jay for River. Thank you xx

7. The makings of chicken beans and broccoli were added later. I almost set the kitchen alight grilling papadums. Pulled the grill tray out to flames!! Phew. Tip: papadums grill quickly.

8. Humble real everyday food in all its simple glory

9. The view from our Brunswick Heads holiday unit kitchen. Quite happy to wash the dishes and take this in.

10. Raw chocolate heaven - rose petals, goji berries and bee pollen held together by dense and decadent raw dark chocolate @ Brunswick Heads Health Foods my other favorite coffee spot in Brunz.

11. While Sol played in his cubby on the sand...

12. River and Pete took to the waves

13. Yep I was tearing up seeing River take off on his first waves and watching the bond between he and Pete. Oh how I love the heart swells of motherhood, I will add it takes very little to have me tearing up, a word, a look, a giggle can do it so standing up on a surfboard warranted it.

Joining in with mama Em at The Beetle Shack

Friday, August 09, 2013

friday on the move

Today we moved a few streets over to a different Brunswick Heads holiday pad. We were due to move back to stay with our friends but sadly one friend is unwell with a migraine :( that means a quiet house is in order. So, we booked into our 'new home' with our boisterous, excitable boys who have bounced on beds, ran from room to room, played hide and seek in the cupboards, belted out rough chords on the guitar and sang loudly...what was I saying about a quiet house...

I found this blog via my friend features Renee's recipe chocolate berry super fudge...yes please.

I am yet to meet a school mum who isn't looking for school lunch box inspiration. Via Che and Fidel I found the Lunch Lady. I'm looking forward to watching this space.

The focus here is very much about what we put in our bodies but I have been thinking more and more about what we put on our bodies. I came across the site Chemical Free Parenting, the book looks like an informative read.

River recently received a fabulous book Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda I can't recommend it enough, fantastic for children and adults as the title suggests it is a story about living mind-fully. A great read and guide for living.

Today is the UN International Day for the World's Indigenous People, a fitting day to launch Culture is Life the campaign to end Indigenous self-harm and youth suicide in Australia. My husband Pete is managing this campaign, please take some time to read about what is happening the facts are grim but the solutions are clear. Together we can raise awareness that will lead to change, please share the webpage and like the facebook page.

We would love to attend the Boomerang Festival.

A much quieter weekend on the horizon for us than last weekend's social bonanza. Buckwheat pancakes for breakfast on sunday will be about the peak of the excitement if I have my way, beach walks and playing at the park is about the pace I am ready for.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend I hope you get some sunshine xx

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

still life

1. Brunswick Heads market follow the sign for fresh juice by the Brunswick River
2. Pedal power fuelled the juicer at another juice bar at the market
3. Salad by the barrow full
4. A sweet herb pot on a Brunswick verandah
5. This snapshot does not do justice to the bonfire we had for River's birthday it was brighter and bold and very exciting for everyone, big and little people alike.
6. Bonfire revellers
7. The day after the bonfire dandelion tea party in the late afternoon sun
9. Raw chocolate mousse cake with rose petals, afternoon tea with chai at Brunswick Heads health food store cafe. Yes it was as good as it looks.

Sol is continuing to wake early (today it was 4.45am), sleep deprivation is taking its toll and early nights are the only way I can keep from being a very grumpy wholefood mama. Night time is usually my blogging time so these stills are here today instead of on sunday and the whole long list of posts I have lined up in my imagination will be rolled out at a pace that fits with what I can do instead of what I'd like to do. You know how that goes. Thought so :)

I hope you are having many happy wholefood times. More soon. Thanks for being patient xx

Friday, August 02, 2013

friday in Brunswick Heads

We are calling Brunswick Heads home this week. Each town surrounding Byron Bay has its own distinct personality, I love this little town for its sleepy but not fully asleep relaxed feeling. I love that it is situated on the Brunswick River and that the ocean is skipping distance over the bridge. From our holiday unit we can walk to River and Sol's favorite beach, Torakina, and the park, library, cafes and health food store, it is a liberating feeling not to rely on a car.

My nan and her partner arrive today to spend a few days with us I am looking forward to seeing them and to a few free hours to wander the beautiful artisan boutiques dotted around Brunz as it is affectionately known.

The Byron Bay Writer's festival starts today. I usually love going along for at least one of the three days but this year I decided instead of spending a whole day listening to authors talk about the books they have completed I am going to use that time to finish writing my ebook.

I've listed Georgia Harding's blog Well Nourished here before, I love so many of her posts for their common sense and realistic approach to feeding families well. This is a fabulous post on children and snacking. A must read so informative and packed with really great practical ideas.

Do you struggle with your children pleading for food 'treats'? Read Georgia's post The Well Nourished Child - Treats

And I love a recipe that has nourishing and chocolate chip in the title.

Speaking of chocolate, have you seen Natural New Age Mum's seven sensational healthy chocolate recipes?

Thanks to Liz for the heads up on this great post about how to make sauerkraut. Fermented foods are the best for great gut health and cheaper too than probiotics in capsules!

Very excited this weekend to be celebrating River's 7th birthday with a bonfire on Saturday night and especially excited that Jay and her lovely family are making the trip from Bellingen. Then on Sunday, Jay and I are meeting up with Natalie who is in the Bay for the Writer's Fest.

Happy weekending to you and yours. Oh and if you are of the facebook world and haven't visited my page yet click on over. I hope you like it :) Bye for now xx
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