Wednesday, January 06, 2016

consistency is key to happiness and success

A new year brings 365 untouched days for us to leave our mark on, to dream our dreams, live them, and still there's washing to fold.

Even if you're not one for new years resolutions what I'm writing about today is an unavoidable truth.

Anything that you want to achieve in life, that you want to master, or even just get a little bit better at calls for one thing - consistency.

My husband who has published nine books and has a single minded focus and self belief that I marvel at reminds me regularly that consistency is the key to achieving all the things that he does.

Let's take a look at the usual suspects where 'consistency is key' applies:

- Improving health and fitness

- Weight loss

- Reducing stress and anxiety

- Getting children to eat fruit and vegetables

- Saving money, building wealth

- Having stronger more fulfilling relationships

- Becoming a better artist, singer, musician, athlete, photographer, craftsperson

I admit I struggle to be consistent with some things in my life. My blog is a good example of that as you patient readers know. I have bursts of posting and then it is quiet for days.

My unfinished cookbook is another example. Spending just half an hour per day - everyday - would see that book finished in a couple of months. So why am I stalling? What is the pay off?

I'm going to get deep now.

Generally there is a pay off that we might not even be fully aware of as to why we keep doing things a certain way that basically just aren't working.

We cling to those ways mainly because we are comfortable in the pattern we are in and attached to the feelings that those behaviours bring. What??? I hear you cry, attached to the feeling of being broke or overweight or having projects unfinished, am I crazy you ask?

Nope. Not crazy. Just spelling out the complex human condition. Somehow we have to let go of being attached to those feelings and see ourself stepping into a new way of being and feeling, allowing ourself to do that and get on with it.

I've veered slightly off on a tangent but my point is whatever you are hoping to achieve and feel fulfilled about this year requires your daily attention. Daily is the key word. Ok, you can have weekends off if you want to.

Save 10% of every dollar you earn this year. Every dollar.

Write one page every day of that book you've been dreaming of writing. Every day.

Phone a friend or family member once a week and have a good talk. Every week.

Get up half an hour earlier and go for a walk, do some yoga, move your body. Every day.

Present fruit and vegetables to your children at every meal and snack. Every meal and snack.

Consistency is what it takes. I hope you'll join me this year in being consistent about the things that really matter. Happy New Year!

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