Apple, lemon, ginger and cinnamon quinoa porridge
Buckwheat porridge with banana, walnuts and maple syrup
Oat and chia porridge

Chicken Soup
Lamb Shank and Barley
Tibetan Curd

Main meals
Flip Shelton's cheats vegetarian moussaka
Kangaroo pies and home made tomato sauce
Pumpkin, tofu and ginger curry (vegetarian)
Robin Koster's leek and nettle tarts
Dahl with eggplant pickle (vegetarian)
Miniature salmon patties
Black turtle bean deliciousness (vegetarian)
Liana's chicken and rice
Crumbed chicken and salsa in pita by Emily Rose Brott
Back to basics: Fritatta
Rice paper rolls
Spaghetti bolognaise with star anise
Zucchini fritters (vegetarian)
Chicken san choy bow
Stuffed mushrooms (vegetarian)
Meat and veggie pie for fussy eaters
Veggie Pizza (gluten + dairy free)
Leilani Wolfenden's Cianfotta (vegetarian)

Robin Koster's quinoa, roasted veggie, marinated chickpeas and fetta
Quick lunch salad - avocado, quinoa, tuna, tomato
Rachel Pitt's Chinese peanut and celery salad
Kangaroo and spinach salad
Beetroot, rocket, Persian fetta and walnut salad
Asparagus and goats cheese salad
Cucumber and dill salad
Marinated tofu, spinach and sesame salad
Ginger chicken and quinoa salad
Fried green beans, breadcrumbs and pistachios by Rachel Pitt
Sweet and crunchy parsley, apple, capsicum salad
Rice noodle salad with fresh herbs and cashews
Buckwheat pasta with winter veg and walnuts

Snacks + Drinks
Beetroot dip
Carrot hummus, Tzatziki, avocado dip
The best banana smoothie
Banana watermelon smoothie
Kale chips
Hot chocolate with coconut milk and cinnamon

Dressings, Spreads and Preserves
Jay Black's spicy eggplant pickle
The Hungry Girls eggplant pickle
Lee Holmes red capsicum and hazelnut pesto

Anzac biscuits
Chocolate honey spice cake
Chocolate coconut biscuits
Jude Blereau's chocolate chip cookies
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin and honey loaf
Home made muesli bars
Spelt hot x buns
Blueberry, coconut and lemon muffins
Mulberry muffins
Citrus marmalade
Mette's apple pie
Gluten free zarbo slice
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing
Mona Hecke's raw chocolate balls
Renee McCready's raw chocolate torte
Mango sorbet by Emily Rose Brott
Apple, pear and banana crumble
Rhubarb and vanilla cakes


  1. Just had a wonderful time making your Silverbeet and Potato Pie. I love this recipe. I will be taking it to the Seven Sisters Festival this weekend for sustenance. Cheers Cath

    1. Oh thanks for the feedback Cath. That is one of my favorite recipes, so wholesome and delicious. The Festival sounds fun. Enjoy! x

  2. Hi Nicky, hope you're traveling well. Your visit really inspired me to cook more of a variety and more wholesome!! Thank you. I love your blog and will be checking it out more often for ideas! It was great to see you and your family and to spend time with you. Enjoy your journey. Love Stef

    1. Hi Stef, I just saw your comment here now. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment and beautiful hospitality. Wow we were so inspired by what you and Adrian are doing with food in your home, the prawns, the honey, our bread!! Look forward to seeing you on our way south xxx

  3. Working my way through a lot of your recipes, Nikki. Thank you for having such wonderful assortment!

    1. Thankyou Tiny Green Hands for stopping by here. I hope you find some that become your favorites and that all is great with you and that gorgeous babe x


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