Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Come Fly With Me

I don't want to leave you behind!

I've created a new website and blog dedicated to my writing life and I'd love you to come along.

There'll still be talk of food (when is there not?) but the main focus will be writing, the business of writing and more focus on women and how we need to take charge of the world (broad topics I know), more than mothering and children. Sing hallelujah. I'm ready.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still one of the most naturally maternal women you'll ever meet but after 10 years of deep focus on my family and children in my writing it's time to lift my head up and take a good look at life from a fresh vantage point.

My boys have grown (tween and teen now!) and so have I since I began this blog and probably so have you!

It's time for all of us to pack up our wholefood lunchboxes, step out of the sandpit and spread our wings.

I do hope you'll come along for the next chapter.

Click on over to Nikki Fisher Writer and sign up to my list so we can stay in touch and I can hopefully entertain and inspire you to get writing, keep writing or do whatever it is that fills your creative heart (and bank account if that's your goal).

I'll miss you otherwise! Thanks for being part of The Wholefood Mama xxx


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