Wednesday, July 25, 2012

fill your cup

Six women, a newborn, a toddler and a preschooler, we gathered in a local cafe by the sea for morning tea to celebrate a friend's birthday. The gathering started and ended with tears, not from the children, from the mothers. That's how it is sometimes when we women get together. Over coffee, chai and decadent housemade lamingtons standing tall covered with chocolate icing and shredded coconut, we talked, shared, remembered, laughed and cried. My friend Luci and I say its not a catch up unless one of us cries. And then through tears we crack up laughing at ourselves. 

An hour or almost two spent together at a long wooden table, our chatter ranged from children starting school, new leather carry bag show and tell, to making cheese, milking goats, making bread, marvellous mother in laws, numerology, technology, television, cookbooks, Byron Bay, healing cancer, babysitting, massage...and it was time for me to leave and head back to my day with Sol. Thanks ladies for filling me up with your friendship and stories. And that goes for you online ladies too my new friends whose words and pictures I think of at various mummy moments in the day, when I'm washing the dishes, planning a story in my head, working out what to cook for dinner, dashing out the door to do the school run. It fills me up to know we're all in this together.


  1. what a beautiful and nurturing time you have, so wonderful and special, it's so beautiful to see you carrying it with you here, filling your cup indeed.

  2. looking forward to one day filling my chai cup with you Jay and your lovelies! x

  3. cheers to that beautiful vision


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