Monday, July 23, 2012

green is good

I drank my first green smoothie probably three years ago during one of our winters in Byron Bay. I was hooked on the sweet and cleansing drink from the first one. And I was thrilled that River liked them too. Getting green vegetables into children just became easy. I don't usually drink them in winter but Jodi's post about green monster juice reminded me of how good they are and I couldn't wait until Spring!

The smoothie pictured above is a 'cheat's' version that I blended last night when we arrived home from the first of the celebrations for River who turns six next sunday. We had spent the day at my aunt's with extended family, we had lots of fun playing in the winter sun and enjoyed ample birthday food including kangaroo pies and of course birthday cake. No one felt like dinner. Pete had a pot of ginger tea while River and I had green smoothie and played with his birthday games. (Sol fell asleep at 5.30pm in the car on the way home and I put him straight into bed when we arrived home. So yes I have been awake with him since 5.30am today :) joy)

I say the smoothie is a cheat's version because I used coconut water that is mixed with banana and instead of fossicking around in the vegie garden in the dark looking for leafy greens, I put in two heaped spoons of Supergreens powder (spirulina, barley grass, chlorella and wheat grass) and whizzed it in the blender. Dinner was served.

If you want to read up on the goodness of green smoothies I recommend Victoria Boutenko's inspiring and informative book Green for Life. You can visit her site here.

Happy Monday to you all x

ps for those who noticed my photo update on the right there it shows my new 'accidental' hair cut from shoulder length to crop top! I had a bad haircut at a hairdresser and Pete then 'fixed' it for me. He did a better job than the hairdresser. Fortunately my hair grows fast :) Thanks aunty Karen for taking the photo in your fabulous magenta bathroom.


  1. I think that sounds like a great alternative to a big dinner after so much food during the day and full of lots of goodness.I haven't had a green smoothie for a while but with some Russian Kale in the garden I should make myself one, thank you for the inspiration. x

  2. that's a pleasure Catherine. Russian kale will be delicious in a smoothie. I always feel best when I listen to my internal hunger about what and when to eat rather than eating meals by the clock. Enjoy your smoothie x

  3. we are big fans of the green smoothie here too, yum. oh and i love the new picture, stunningly gorgeous and vibrant. Maybe Pete might add hairdressing to his list of day jobs?

  4. :) I'm laughing. Pete has this theory that if you are creative in one field, ie him being a photographer, then that creativity is directly transferable to other mediums. He may have a point. On that note though I must credit my one in a million aunty Karen for taking that photo in her fabulous magenta bathroom. x

    1. oh you know i love a bathroom shot. plus i wholeheartedly agree with pete, he is awesome.


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