Monday, August 25, 2014

hello from the road

Regular readers here know that my family and I are on a road trip that has taken us to Far North Queensland, to Cape York where we've had some magical moments with our friends in Hope Vale.

I took this series of photos on a day when we went out mud crabbing.

The big orange crab pots you can see in the photos were tied into the mangroves with bait inside, when the tide came in so did dinner.

As you can see from the first photo, the sky is bigger out there. No houses, no skyscrapers just endless blue, and on this day bright white clouds.

We have all grown in ways that only travel can stretch you to do.

My travels began at age 19 when I put myself on a plane to Europe to go and start exploring the world.

I've traveled ever since. This journey has been special to take as a family for many reasons.

Many reasons that will filter through my posts over the coming weeks.

I've been collecting recipes as we've travelled along, I'm looking forward to sharing those with you and to catching up with what's been happening here online.

The break has been great but I've missed being here so I'll be back soon!

Thanks for your patience while I've been away. I hope you are enjoying seeing the stories from our travels. Recipes soon I promise! x


  1. Oh, those big skies! Brilliant. I read somewhere once that being able to see the horizon, unobstructed by buildings can make you happier, and I totally believe that going places where this is possible is necessary for ones mental health.

    Your holiday sounds absolutely magical.

    1. Wow Imogen, I have never heard that before but it makes total sense to me. Being able to see the sky so big, filled my soul in a way that nothing else can so yes I think that it is true. Being immersed in nature in this way is vital and something that as a society we have sadly forgotten the value of. Thanks for stopping by x


Thanks for your comments. I read every one!

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