Tuesday, December 30, 2014


2014 what a year you've been. I can't believe in a matter of hours you'll be over.

The most defining, challenging, exhilarating months of this year for my family and I were the five months we spent on our road trip up the east coast of Australia from the Mornington Peninsula where we live, to Hope Vale Indigenous community and back.

6, 578 kilometres round trip in fact.

As for blogging this year, as you'll see from the popular posts list below recipes were popular as were the wholefood step-by-step series. I am taking note of this as I go into planning mode for next year.

2015 brings with it the beginning of a new era for my family as our youngest child, Sol, heads off to school.

This will be bittersweet as I celebrate how ready Sol is to start school and be with his friends, celebrate having more time to write and blog, and at the same time I will miss his company and this era of motherhood. Baby days are over.

Pete has already begun planning another road trip for us (my only instruction is it is not as many months away!)

If I complete only one thing in 2015 it will be my ebook. Really I will.

Let's take a little look back at the year here...

10 most popular blog posts for 2014

mango sorbet by Emily Rose Brott

wholefood step-by-step: step # 1 apple cider vinegar

Ruth's spelt crepes with avo, lemon, fetta and sprouts (thanks to Jodi for sharing this)

how to make rice paper rolls

zucchini fritters + fruity salad (thanks again to Jodi)

wholefood step-by-step: step # 3 filtered water

ask the expert: do kids need vitamin supplements?

wholefood mama: meagan from this whole family

wholefood step-by-step: step # 6 milk it

feel the fear and cook it anyway

A few of my personal favorites from this year...

the 'i' in family

wholefood mama: olga dossa

soul food: on vulnerability

is there any chicken?

stills collection: road trip

Over to you. What have you enjoyed about visiting here this year? I'd love to know!

If you've never left a comment here before say hello! We bloggers love getting to know readers.

Thanks for continuing to visit, and for your patience when posting hasn't been as regular this year especially when we were on the road.

Happy New Year everyone. See you in 2015 x


  1. Hi there! I wanted to comment on this but didn't have time at the moment. I feel bad sometimes for not commenting! I don't want the blogger to think that the post isn't appreciated. How silly for me to feel guilty for that! Anyway, I wanted to come back and say that I enjoy everything about your blog. The recipes, tips, family stories, and everything in between. You are an inspiration (as is your husband! what a guy!). I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in here, even though I rarely comment. Happy new year!

    1. Lori thanks so much. I do so appreciate you coming back and taking the time to write such a lovely comment and acknowledging the work that goes into running a blog. It is a labour of love though. My husband enjoyed your comment too :) Happy New Year to you too and as much as I love reading comments I understand too that many people read without commenting, I am happy you are a reader! xx


Thanks for your comments. I read every one!

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