Sunday, March 15, 2015

weekend reading

I've been going through computer files and photos this weekend making space for new files and new photos. I took this photo almost a year ago in my friend Robin's kitchen. So many photos that haven't seen the light of day. I find keeping on top of digital photo filing so time consuming. You too?

I signed up to do Anna Lovind's free mini ecourse on creative brilliance. Without giving too much away, I love what she says in week 2 of the course - "everything starts with no", essentially it is about creating space in your life to be creative and guarding your time by saying no.

In case you missed the link in my post on Thursday, I can relate to Kate Northrup's most read post 'It's not going to turn out the way you thought'

Still time to enrol in my Blogging for Beginners course next Saturday at Sorrento Community Centre. I'd love to meet you! We'll cover all the basics to get you started, choosing a blogging platform, finding your topic/niche, building your audience, social media, design elements, photo tips, organising your content and touch on monetisation too.
Saturday March 21st, 10am-3pm. cost: $60. Phone to book: 5984 3360

Still in Sorrento, I've been doing some marketing work for Cakes and Ale my favorite local place for delicious food and wine. It was a favorite place before it became my job, I'm pretty lucky I've tended to work that way my whole life doing things I genuinely love to do, hasn't been a fast track to fortune mind you but satisfying none the less. I'm rambling now, if you want to receive a beautiful recipe from Cakes & Ale chef Leilani Wolfenden straight to your inbox each month click the link and sign up to their newsletter.

I'm going to the Problogger photography and blogging workshop on Tuesday in Melbourne. Can't wait for a 'day off' in town. Anyone else going?

Sorry for the brief list this weekend but I am determined to stop going to bed at midnight so I will finish here.

Here's to a great week! Only two more weeks until school holidays. Again. How does that happen so quickly?! Looking forward to this term being over. Bring on the holidays. x


  1. Great photo Nikki! I actually thought your boys had picked you a posie when they were here until I looked closer... You would think I didn't spend much time in the kitchen! :)

    1. :) Robin that is very funny. It is a beautiful posy and I was very happy to stumble across it xx


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