Saturday, June 27, 2015

weekend reading

School holidays are here! Now, what are we going to do for two weeks?!

I remember Circus Oz from my childhoood and they're still going!

For some fun and FREE things to do, Antipodes bookstore in Sorrento is hosting a pop up event Stories to Tell, and the National Gallery of Victoria has a really fun exhibition for kids


This is pretty much the only post you need to read about the school holidays. Thankyou Maxabella.

Do you read bbb?

I go through phases with blog reading sometimes I become obsessive with one or two blogs checking in everyday, reading old posts when I have time, I'm currently going though this with Veggie Mama , Gourmet Girlfriend and Meet Me at Mikes, I feel a bit stalker-ish!

We're heading off to Alice Springs later this year for Pete's work and I've been thinking about that trip. I haven't been to Alice before have you?

I had another beautiful dinner at Cakes and Ale during the week, if you live near Sorrento you really should book your next date night dinner there, you should also know that I do the marketing for them! But I wouldn't be recommending anything to you unless I really love it and think there's a damn good chance you will too.

Ok, lights out time for me. As much as I'm enjoying the quiet of my sleeping family I better get some sleep before they're awake and all go go go again.

Happy weekend everyone x


  1. Nikki you will LOVE Alice Springs! My heart country! Apart from all that majestic ancient country (make sure you head out west to the Western Macdonnells), the town has lots of vibrant spots off the tourist path too. Page 27 is an old local fav cafe - great coffee and vego foods. The Botanic Gdns has a nice but more mainstream cafe but great for the kids to run around and explore. Afghan Traders is the whole food store, see if you can get some local dates. Casa Nostra across the river on the eastside is an institution - classic Italian unchanged for 30 years, I love their very sweet vanilla slice for a treat. NPY Women's Council have beautiful tjanpi (spinifex baskets) and for exceptional art Papunya Tula is the leading gallery in town. Don Thomas stockman outfitters has also been around forever for the cowboys in the family, and the local markets are getting better and better all the time.

    1. Thanks SO much Pauline for all that fantastic info. I am really looking forward to our trip, especially some winter sun!! My husband did some research and found Afghan Traders online and rang and had a chat to them. I look forward to exploring and will post lots of pics for you :)


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