Monday, October 12, 2015

before & after

We arrived home late last week from two months in the Northern Territory to a wildly overgrown veggie patch and lawn.

After a family working bee that saw us spend a whole day weeding, shovelling compost and spreading out a covering of pea straw the veggie patch is ready. A shame the same can't be said for finding the bottom of the washing basket!

We've hit the ground running, in a good way, the boys are back to school "it was much better than I thought it would be Mum" said Sol. There's been a string of visitors welcoming us home, I've been costume hunting for a friend's 70's party this weekend, filling the fridge, feeding the family, trying to catch up on making a living, and did I mention the washing?!

A bit like the veggie garden there's definitely been a positive transformation in all of us since taking the trip to the desert. The people we met, the stories we heard and were part of, the desert landscape with its vibrant red dirt and resilient plants and animals, the long stretches of time spent together have all made a lasting impact.

I appreciate water in a whole new way. I appreciate that the food I eat here isn't trucked in from 700kms away or further, as it is from Adelaide to Alice. I appreciate my long time friends and my family. I am savouring catching up with my nearest and dearest one at a time.

I won't ramble on, I just wanted to say we're home, we're enjoying settling in and there are plenty of photos and stories to share from our adventures. I look forward to sharing them with you soon.

What's happening at your place? Are you planting a veggie garden?


  1. Welcome home! I bet the boys were treated like rock stars at school :) Just made a pesto with the masses of basil from our veggie patch - after eating a big plate of scrambled eggs with just-picked-spinach. It is our first foray into gardening, let alone growing veg, but we are enjoying it immensely!

    1. Thanks Audrey. funny you say that, the boys were in fact 'mobbed' by their friends it was a great welcome back for them. enjoy the garden! There is nothing better than homemade pesto with homegrown basil - yum! x

  2. Welcome home. Enjoy the re-nesting.


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