Friday, October 05, 2012

sweet friday

Raw food chocolate tart and coffee anyone? This was the morning tea I indulged in at Brunswick Heads Health Food store (owned by our sweet friend David Shaw) last friday.

We slipped back into Melbourne yesterday and were greeted by sunshine and traffic aplenty. Looking forward to the weekend celebrating my dear friend Luci's birthday and then on Sunday resting up before school starts again Monday. One more term and River's prep year is over!

To keep the Byron Bay feeling alive here is my list of Byron inspired links:

- tired of thinking about what to feed everyone (yes even me who loves cooking has patches of this) then visit the Goddess of Babylon and swoon over fashion instead

- listening to Bay Fm 99.9 radio station in my car is reason alone to move to Byron permanently

- capsicum salsa made by Baraka foods was a delicious farmer's market buy

- breakfast at Harvest Cafe & Deli in Newrybar with our Byron buddies was an out of our ordinary fun way to spend a saturday morning

- wishing I had of made it to Naked Treaties new raw bar for a green smoothie

- I am obsessed with the Mamabake ladies, clever community minded Byron mamas who started a big batch cooking craze so they can eat well with their families and have more time to themselves. I'll be writing a whole post about this next week but I couldn't resist sharing it now.

Thanks too and welcome to the new followers who have signed up this week. So lovely to meet you here. If you are of the facebook world I have finally broken my resistance and started a Wholefood Mama page so you can pop on over there if you like :) Happy weekend everyone xx


  1. Hi, very happy to have just discovered your blog :) Am gradually quitting sugar myself, and am loving all the inspiring blogs which show me it can be done. I grew up in Murwillumbah (near Byron), but I live in Belgium now. This post made me miss that scene so much. It's way easier to eat wholefood there, than here in the land of chips and mayo. Off to read some of your older posts :) Rhi

  2. Hello and welcome Rhi! Great to have you here following along. Thanks for your comment. I agree living the wholefood life is made easier when the whole community around you supports that way of life. Murwillumbah to Belgium that's quite a change! What took you there? Look forward to hearing more from you. Hope you enjoying the older posts x

  3. The woman across the road from me was just in the SMH the other day about the Mamabake in our area - After having done something akin to this informally, it's lovely to see it extending across to different communities and uniting people who may otherwise never have met.

  4. Thanks Casso for the heads up on this. If you haven't already I recommend signing up to the Mamabake site or liking them on facebook if you are on there. I am not part of a Mamabake group but I enjoy what they have to offer online.


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