Sunday, November 25, 2018

Goodbye Wholefood Mama?

Hi Ladies (and Derek :) (I have one male reader that I know of),

How was your weekend? Mine was great I had the whole weekend off from the restaurant, much as I love my work there it was so nice to have time stretching out in front of me with nowhere I had to be.

Anyway, I'm popping in here on Sunday evening because I have time and energy to do so! And because I want to ask your opinion about something.

Last week I had my first business coaching session with The Content Coach aka Jo Johnson.

Jo and I have actually known each other since our twenties, we met through boyfriends at the time, we all went our separate ways and I reconnected with Jo when we realised we were both living on the Peninsula.

Jo had a successful corporate career and now has a great business working for herself as an author, writing coach and marketing mentor.

The session was so helpful for getting clarity and direction on what should come first in my long list of business ideas, projects and opportunities, and how I should focus my time. Focus being the operative word.

Here's the thing I want your opinion on:

I talked to Jo about wanting to write a series of books and to develop writing workshops, namely a workshop titled Write To Heal, and whether or not I should continue blogging under the Wholefood Mama 'brand' or switch to my name and develop my 'platform' rebranding to Nikki Fisher.

The whole topic feels slightly weird to talk about but as I know some of my most dedicated readers here are dear friends whose expertise and opinions I value I thought I'd put it out here to you, my readers :)

What do you think?

Continue as Wholefood Mama or switch and put myself out there as Nikki Fisher?

I've definitely outgrown writing about what to put in lunchboxes #spareme but I still kind of like being the Wholefood Mama, I still think it sums up to some degree who I am.

Jo thinks it is time to let it go and be more of Nikki. #abitscary

Love your thoughts. Email me

photo is me in kindergarten circa 1978

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