Thursday, May 26, 2011



I found my inspiration to cook dinner for my family tonight within the pages of this fabulous new vegetarian cookbook, Veg In. Written by Melbourne dynamo Flip Shelton it is filled with exactly as the sub-title promises 'simple vegetarian dishes from around the world.' I describe Flip as a dynamo because she has a wonderful vibrant energy (proof that eating well and keeping fit is good for you!) and manages to fit a lot into her day. To name a few of the things Flip is a writer, broadcaster, presenter, muesli maker, mum to Harvery and wife to Joffa. The beauty of Veg In is its simplicity. Even if your cupboard and fridge are pretty low on ingredients (as mine are this afternoon) there will be a recipe in there to create easily. For us tonight it is lemony zucchini fritters. I like the book's compact size and clear, easy to follow layout. I'm all for the concept behind the book too, showing people it really is easy to whip up a meal at home instead of regularly resorting to take-away. So, do your wallet and waistline a favour, and our planet too and Veg In! (An added bonus for the planet is reduced packaging in the form of take away containers and plastic bags being used).  For more about Flip click here 

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