Thursday, November 03, 2011


The fact that food is even referred to as ‘real’ or ‘processed’ says much about where we’re at with food today. Thankfully an increasing number of people are asking questions: where does our food come from? Who grew it? How far has it travelled? And in the case of meat, what sort of life did the animal have?

Real food is good for our body and soul, and good for the planet. It doesn’t contain chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. It doesn’t come from a factory and is not sold in packets with numbers on the ingredient list. Real food, fresh fruit and vegies, grains, meat and dairy is grown or produced without chemicals. It is fresh, preferably local and importantly for our planet sustainable. The best places to buy real food are direct from growers at their farm gates, farmers markets and from food co-ops.

For many folk, especially city dwellers, the excuse of having ‘no time’ to purchase or prepare real food is their reasoning for eating ‘convenience’ foods be that take away or heat and eat meals out of packets. The truth is, enjoying real food and their own good health and that of the planet is not a priority. I appreciate that people arriving home late, tired and hungry go for convenience but with the right ingredients on hand a real food meal can be prepared quickly and effortlessly. It is just a matter of changing your habits and your mind about what matters.

It is well documented by leading experts such as American author and journalist Michael Pollan that eating mass-produced and marketed food is unsustainable from a health perspective and planet perspective.

If you’re not already committed to eating well, eating real then make the switch! Silence the sceptics who want to keep you on the same path as them they’ll say ‘I eat food from the supermarket and I’m ok’ or ‘organic food is too expensive’. Until you have a real food diet you don’t know how well you can feel, how much energy and mental clarity you can have. And as for organic food being too expensive ‘what price is good health and well-being?’

Tomorrow – 10 tips for making the switch to eating real food 

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