Thursday, April 12, 2012

my new loves

The sun is sparkling on the bay here in Sorrento and I have a whole two hours to myself out of the house. Deep breath. I wish I could magic up a whole two hours flying solo time for every mother reading this, it is such a joy to have uninterrupted thoughts. And then return home to my two favourite little professional interrupters :)

I had planned a post about play for yesterday but the day was swallowed up by unpacking, washing, entertaining little people, helping big people with computer questions. You get the picture.

So here I am at Daisy's cafe the newest cafe kid on the block here in main street Sorrento. I like it for its WiFi, good coffee, music and unpretentiousness. And I just thought I'd share a few of my new favorite blogs to visit, new to me perhaps not to you. Sometimes while I am supposed to be writing blog posts I spend time reading blogs. Research I tell myself. Here are the results of my latest 'research':

The Beetle Shack is the colourful, stylish creation of Emily, who in just one year of blogging (happy birthday to The Beetle Shack) has put together a space that for me is well, sunny! Visiting Emily's blog is like visiting a friend and when you leave you feel a bit brighter. Even if my house is messy and I'm in my pyjamas at 11am and the boys are squabbling over who the fishing rod belongs to I can look at the pretty, well-designed and written space at The Beetle Shack and feel better. As much as I love that looking at a blog can do that, I am still slowly coming to terms with for me the slight weirdness I feel about the voyueristic nature of the internet and relationships born of it. I guess in someways it is the modern day pen pal with pictures. Slight digression. Back to the blogs.

Jodi who pens Che and Fidel is a yoga teacher and reading her blog I feel 'yoga calm' coming off the page.

Look at this gorgeous honey bee post on Tea with Lucy

And lastly for now (my free time is almost over. oh so quick), it is not a blog created by a mama it is the result of another area of my research. As my man Pete is a photographer and not so much a fan of looking at blogs or websites (he'd rather be surfing or fishing) I love photography and looking at blogs so I do that task for him and the one recently soaking up my attention is the lovely work of Sydney photographer Tim Coulson.

What are your latest faves? Love to see more photographers work.

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