Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I think I have worked out the recipe for happy school holidays. And that is, fill the boys with as much fresh air and physical activity as possible for the first part of the day so as to tire them out, then spend the afternoon at home playing quietly, follow that up with an early dinner and be very thankful daylight savings is over and night falls earlier and they go off to sleep leaving the evening free for me to write. 

We're only up to day 3 of the holidays but so far so good with that recipe. Yesterday morning was spent in the glorious autumn sunshine bike riding along the foreshore at Rye.

I am SO thankful to live near the beach. I like to share beachy photos especially for those of you who love living in the bush or the city but miss the beach. If school holidays are yours at the moment I hope you are enjoying!

(incidently this is for sale)

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