Friday, January 18, 2013

friday breeze

I'm at the local cafe, it has become a summer ritual to leave the house a few mornings a week and come here to write for an hour or two while my 3 guys hang out together. I love the space to think clearly and to enjoy my coffee solo no little faces asking can they eat the froth off my cappuccino :) A cool breeze is floating in the window coming off the bay. The temperature has dropped after yesterday's hot one but with my saltwater scruffy hair, more beach picnics planned and holiday makers filling the town it still feels like summer. How I wish it would last for at least 7 months of the year.

On with today's list:

Love a raw chocolate sweet treat? Check out this recipe

Food for thought: How to raise your kids not to be food snobs

Mamabake have 7 tips for healthy lunchboxes.

Tanya Winfield is a mama of 3 and founder of The Additive Free Pantry. Take a look.

Ever wondered which weeds are edible? Pete gave me a book about edible weeds for Christmas written by Dorris Pozzi. You can read an interview with Dorris here to learn more about making the most of what is growing in your own backyard.

Next week I'll have more on lunchboxes, a post celebrating the simplicity and deliciousness of sprouting seeds at home, a salad recipe or two and some beach fare ideas.

Have a wonder filled weekend and I'll see you back here. Thanks for reading xx


  1. I find myself asking this question "where have you been my whole life Nikki?!" I am loving your ethos. I'm now off to follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the clickety links (ok, I was singing yellow brick road just then, not crazy or suffer a speech impediment!) I hope the remains of the summer hols fill you up with joy. xxx

    1. Gee shucks Fiona - thank you for your gorgeous words! So happy you are enjoying what I am on about. Wonderful summer days to you too xx

  2. loving the edible weeds. My current obsession is edible flowers, in particular the marigold!

    xo em

    1. Great to hear Em. I am very partial to a nasturtium myself. I once shared a house with a beautiful talented flower loving woman who now works by the name of Cecilia Fox and one of our creative dreamings was to do an edible flower recipe book...perhaps it may still happen! Loving following your pregnancy by the way oh how I love babies!! xx

  3. lovely links, as usual. i too love edible weeds, i often throw a few in with my pesto. How gorgeous was Fiona's comment, you sure are one special human Nikki. xxx

  4. hello lovely, weeds in pesto good thinking. And now your comment as with Fiona's has given me another awww moment. Thank you and right back at you! X


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