Thursday, January 03, 2013

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Pete's mum (Pepe) came to stay for a night and when we are together our wholefood ways go on holiday and we eat food that is not normally on our table. For dinner Pepe bought us fish and chips for a picnic at the beach. River and Sol were very excited because Pepe and Charlie (her dog) were staying, and because we were having 'treats'.

I'm writing about this because I am conscious of wanting to keep it real on this blog. I don't want to give the impression that we eat homemade humus and sprout salad 100% of the time and are holier than thou. I think it is so important not to be dogmatic about anything in our lives, doing so with food can set up patterns of binging and guilt and banning foods from children make them all the more attractive.

On a visit to Dr Gruba he told me about a patient who was so strict with following an elimination diet and not returning to a wide variety of food that she actually created allergies for herself by being so restrictive.

So while Pepe was here we ate white ciabatta with ham and mustard, we took the boys out for an ice cream and in the evening had fish and chips. And today as we waved goodbye, Pete and I looked forward to a wholefood dinner! We enjoyed the moment, our time together and while the food we ate was not our normal fare we didn't gorge on it either because in our experience the further along the wholefood/healthy path we go the more sensitive we are to fried food, refined food, processed food and it doesn't feel good to eat too much, it might taste good at the time but the feeling afterwards not so much.

I was chatting to a friend recently who is a natural health practitioner and eats mainly raw foods, we talked about that if you are very health conscious it is sometimes challenging for those around you and they enjoy pointing out if you stray from your healthy a chocolate bar, fish and chips, pizza.

The reality is there are many opportunities in life to eat unhealthy, low nutrient food, in fact I'd say it is the dominant culture so if you are forging ahead finding your way with wholefoods and feel like you are going against the tide of processed food advertising and peer pressure from family and friends I think it is fantastic because whether those around you come on board, the fact you are protecting your health and vitality is to be celebrated and you just never know who you are quietly inspiring to change their ways.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

To sum this up, lay your wholefood foundations, keeping learning, keep noticing how you feel as you make changes and when you occasionally step left or right to fast food or lollies etc; do so with awareness stopping before you overdo it and without guilt or regret knowing that you have built or are building a solid wholefood path to return to.

I hope that is helpful to read. Are guilt and regret around food and eating something you struggle with? Perhaps that can be a goal to let go of them this year and celebrate all that you are doing to eat well and live well. xx


  1. oh yeah, I am only just recovering from all the bad food over xmas/ new years! I really only eat it to be polite when we are guests, or have guests that bring food over. I spent the past couple of weeks with gut ache, head ache, bowel movements totally disrupted, urgh! I'm so glad its over and I can get back to normal. I really don't mind eating real food, and I miss it when I don't have it, both the taste and the normal body functions. But explaining what we eat to family and friends is just too complicated unless they really want to know (and then I'm all too happy to share), so for now we have to just eat what they eat when we are together.

  2. Thanks for this great comment Liz! You have nailed this topic on so many points - the being polite, the not explaining and the symptoms that arise from eating processed food. Fascinating how once you change your diet to a nutritionally dense diet you realise that waking up tired with processed food 'hangover' is not actually normal!! But for many people it is. I love eating real food too and the way I feel when I eat it. Hey, great work on the soap you made by the way. Very inspiring.

  3. I had a little giggle when I saw the title of your post as I was munching away on some chocolate that my mother-in law posted over from the UK for Xmas. I used to love it and happily devour masses of the stuff, but now not so much. I had a little bit and then put it back in the cupboard and will maybe have some in a few weeks. Although I don't give myself the guilt's when I eat something I have been asking myself the question "would I give this .. (insert name of food) .. to my kids" and if the answer is no then why am I eating it?


Thanks for your comments. I read every one!

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