Friday, January 04, 2013

friday hot hot hot

Forty two degrees (celsius) is the predicted top temperature here today. River, Sol and Pete headed to the beach at 7.30am while I savoured every moment of a walk and coffee on my own before stocking up on watermelon, grapes and strawberries to see us through the day. We'll draw the curtains and hide at home til the late afternoon and then venture back to the beach.

Now, on with the first friday list for 2013...

A big happy new year welcome to first time blogger Melanie Cushen who snuck quietly into the blogosphere late last year with her blog Mouk and Monk in the kitchen - tales of wholefood cooking with kids. Pop on over and say hi. Fantastic to have another wholefood blog out there.

I read this article about plant based diets and heart health with interest. Love to hear your thoughts.

Australian grown, organic herbal teas by Penelope Sach. Yes please.

I am a big fan of aromatherapy for keeping me and my family cool, calm and creative, it is something I would like to learn more about this year and add to my collection of oils...I came across  Twenty8 Aromatherapy via Sonia's great blog Natural New Age Mum

I also found this raw food berry cheesecake recipe on Sonia's site. Looks good! Thought you might like it too.

The Yoga of Eating. Love this.

Summer is my favorite season. How are things where you are?
See you back here next week for more recipes and wholefood stories. Happy cooking. Or fruit eating if you're keeping cool xx


  1. Nikki, thank you so much for my lovely mention! We are having watermelon and grapes for lunch as well! Love the heat but 44 degrees is a bit too hot for me! Here's to staying cool xx

  2. thanks for the links honey - stay cool!!

  3. such great links. just quickly would you use xylitol for the cheesecake or something else? just wondering, have never used xylitol. xx


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