Sunday, July 13, 2014

stills collection


1. So much beautiful wholefood shared with our friend Seva in Gordonvale just south of Cairns.

2. We are sprouting on the road, one jar to take with us, one jar to leave for Seva.

3. FYI there is wifi at Cairns public library but no power points to charge up your computer battery!

4. Sweet Sol in the shade at Cairns lagoon.

5. "16 more days mum til I turn 8" River is counting down.

6.  Cane trains are a common feature in Far North Queensland.

7. Happy NAIDOC week. Shopping at Yum Yum's in Mossman.

8. "Let's do a selfie" said River.


  1. That salad looks delicious Nikki :) I must give sprouting a try it looks simple and I bet yummy in a salad. It is sooo exciting having a birthday when you are little, so sweet hearing their excitement too. Gorgeous photo of the four of you:) xxx
    P.S. I popped into your Uncle's health food store when I was in Brunswick Heads on Tuesday and had the most delicious lunch and smoothie:) It was lovely to find a yummy spot to eat lunch out while we were on our way home, thank you:) xxx

    1. Oh I am so glad you let me know that you popped in to Dave's store, his manager Liz did let me know but didn't know your name. Great that you said hi, I would love to have lunch with you there one day! Yes do give sprouting a go, it is so easy and delicious. Xx

  2. Gorgeous family selfie!

    Wow. I've been doing a little catching up. Certainly looks like you are having the most marvellous time. (:

    1. Thanks Imogen. Yes we are, really amazing time. So many stories x


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