Sunday, July 20, 2014

stills collection

1. 7am Cooktown. The backdrop for this small town in Far North Queensland where just over 2000 people live is the sea and this stunning mountain range.

2. Main street Cooktown. No swimming in this water, that's reserved for crocodiles! I am completely terrified about the whole croc thing, the one time in my life I feel helicopter parenting is totally justifiable!!

3. Who needs toys when you have a shopping trolley to play with?

4. Buses, caravans, campervans, tents, red dust covered 4 wheel drives, they're all in the camping ground

5. Camp kitchen

6. Sun set over the laundry

7. If you're visiting Cooktown, book a table at The Italian Restaurant (yes that's what it is called). John the owner hails from Lygon Street Melbourne where he was in the restaurant biz for years before setting up shop here in the sun

8. Yes this seafood spaghetti tasted as good as it looks

9. On country learning for River and Sol, looking on as Aunty Estelle Bowen from Hopevale community shows them how to cast a hand line into the Starke River

10. Sol looks tired in this shot but he was so thrilled about being the only one to catch a fish this day. He has decided that fishing with a hand line is better than with a rod :)


  1. Such beautiful and delicious photos, looks like you guys are having a ball. xxx j

    1. we are indeed. Hope you are having lots of new house fun xxx


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