Friday, October 17, 2014

weekend reading

If you're wondering how to get our kids to eat salad, or they hover around you looking for food before dinner prepare a plate like the one pictured above and I think you'll find they will actually eat some raw veggies! 

For more school lunchbox inspiration go here.

Check out Meg's new ebook: Wholefood Children's Parties.

If you are feeling torn between your family responsibilities and your work or blog, read this.

I found Nisha Moodley via Olga and got lost over there for a little while.

Off topic of food for a moment, if you'd like to support an important social justice campaign my husband Pete is involved in please take a look here.

Continuing on the social justice topic, next month I will be supporting the Step Up for Sisterhood week that works to stamp out abuse and neglect of Australian girls. The funds raised from this campaign go towards the Sister 2 Sister program a year long mentoring and risk management program designed to empower vulnerable teenagers. One person believing in a vulnerable teenager can make be the make or break. Let's get behind this. 

Ok, that's the end of the list from me for today. I'm off to cook some bolognaise for dinner with wild deer meat from our friend's country property. Then we have a very low key weekend ahead which is exactly what the doctor ordered because this week Sol has had croup and River a chest infection which meant time off school and kinder. 

We spent 5 months on the road and no one had even a sniffle, two weeks home back on the cold, damp (but beautiful) Peninsula and the colds hit. Oh well the sun is out and the boys have been jumping on my bed like a trampoline this afternoon to I think they are back on track!

See you back here next week for wholefood deliciousness and more! x

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