Thursday, November 13, 2014

thursday recipe: broad bean 'green' rice

Earlier this week, Pete, River and Sol went to visit an Iraqi family who are living in our neighbourhood on a temporary visa.

We heard about the family through a friend of a friend who told us how uncertain the family were feeling about whether they will be able to stay on and that the local church were supplying them with food. Pete thought that they might like some of the fish from his recent catch, he also wanted to extend a hand of friendship and to open River and Sol's awareness to the fact that there is not peace in every country as we know it in Australia and that for many different reasons some people leave their homeland. It is a lesson in compassion and gratitude, one that we want to continue reminding our boys of.

Many thoughts went through my mind as I prepared dinner while they were out. Like I'm sure many of you reading this practice being grateful for all the simple freedoms and pleasures in life I really do this every single day and think that it is an important teaching for our children, all the more powerful if we can actually introduce them to people who can share their stories.

I found some leftover basmati rice in the fridge, wasting food is never an option so I decided to make a 'green' rice to go with the fish we were having. I had broad beans from George one of our local farmers, and parsley and spring onion in the garden, garlic and lemon zest went in too. I would have loved to add preserved lemon if only we'd had some.

By the time my fellas drove in the driveway our dinner was just about ready. Sol set the table, while River brought in fire wood and emptied the compost (they are their regular jobs, not always done without some grumbling) and then we sat down to eat. Fresh whiting fillets caught by Pete, rolled  lightly in white spelt flour and pan fried in butter, green salad with sprouts sprouted on our kitchen bench and green rice made with leftovers.

Family life has its challenges. We all get tired, some days are long, some too short, the house gets messy, money comes and goes, and through it all I'm grateful for all the simple things.

Broad bean 'green' rice


2 cups cooked basmati rice (can be white or brown)
1 cup or more of broad beans, however many you like or have on hand. Slice each bean in half.
4 spring onions sliced
1/2 cup of chopped parsley (or any green herb you like)
2-4 cloves of crushed garlic depending on how much garlic you like
zest of 1 lemon, and/or if you have it some chopped preserved lemon
1 tsp coconut oil for frying

To make

- Heat a wok or frypan over medium heat and add coconut oil
- Gently fry garlic taking care not to burn
- Add in broad beans and cook for half a minute so they keep some of their crunch
- Add in rice and turn up the heat, stir-fry until the rice is heated through
- In the last couple of minutes of cooking add in the spring onion, parsley and lemon

Enjoy with fish, chicken or on its own!

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  1. I so enjoyed reading this today Nikki. You are such a wonderful mother and inspiration. I am up early listening to first birdsong and am happy to be reminded to appreciate this very moment. What wonderful experiences you provide River and Sol - while contributing to the community. I look forward to sharing the same with our children ... with you when we are closer neighbours : ). Much love, Ruth x


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