Friday, November 14, 2014

weekend reading

(I can't take credit for this beautiful image. It is a magnificent looking chia pudding from Brenda and Naomi's BreakThrough holistic weight loss program)

Green smoothie lovers, read this for some tips on making your smoothie the best it can be

I love Mamacino for her great sense of humour, her beautiful recipes and photography. In her spare time she's whipped up a new book to get Kids in the Kitchen. 

Do you hide veggies in your children's food? Me too. Georgia has written a fantastic post on the pros and cons of this age old practice.

I love Olga Dossa's philosophy for mothers to 'Love Yourself First'. Olga is hosting a one day workshop on January 2nd for mamas who want to start their year off loving themselves first!

Here's something we can all benefit from: a digestive morning drink and restorative yoga

And last one, you have until midnight if you want to sign up to Brenda Janscheck and Naomi Judge's fantastic 21 day holistic weight loss program that includes a 7 day cleanse, beautiful recipes, and detailed questionnaires to point you in the right direction to strengthen your digestion and balance your hormones. I'm taking part and think it is such a great program to recommend I've become an affiliate. It is very comprehensive and well worth the investment for the value you receive. For more info and to sign up take a look here.

Ok. I'm off for an early school pick up, dash to the dentist, then back for the school disco. As you do.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you back here next week with more wholefoodie posts and who knows what else! Thanks for taking the time to visit. x

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