Friday, January 16, 2015

weekend reading

I love Homegrown Kitchen and it just got even prettier with a new look to start the new year

If making peace with money is on your to do list for 2015, set half an hour aside and listen to Barbara Stanny author of 'Overcoming Underearning' she is amazing. She speaks the language of women: "the inner work is as important as the outer work" that is, working through the feelings and values you have around money are equally as important as learning how to budget and invest. And this, "Earning and managing money is not about the money, women are capable of that, it is about women owning their power".

Still on goals for the new year, I really enjoyed Nicole's 2015: the one thing post

And I thought this fantastic post from Nicole would come in handy with two weeks of holidays to go: Non technology activities for kids to do at home

I think Jodi's book would make a beautiful gift, especially for new mothers

Looking forward to a dinner date with my man at Cakes & Ale

I shared this on facebook during the week, a little video on how to get children to help around the house. Perhaps you can identify with being an 'overfunctioning parent' ie. "it is quicker and easier if I do it myself, then I know the job is done properly" Mistake! This creates underfunctioning children. See the vid for more details.

You have until midnight to sign up for Lisa's Small Steps to Wholefoods e-course. Lisa is one of the most passionate and motivated people I know when it comes to teaching people how to live the wholefood life without breaking the bank and so that your children and husband will happily get on board too! This course is perfect if you want to kickstart your wholefood year or get back on track.

It isn't too late to grab yourself a copy of Leonie Dawson's Incredible Yearbooks. 
Take some time out just for you and decide what you'd like to happen this year.

Ok better go it is getting a bit rowdy here in the background time to get them outside.

Happy weekend everyone. x

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