Tuesday, February 24, 2015

something for you: break through

First of all, I can't take credit for this beautiful food photography I have to hand that to the talented Kristin Mamacino.  In between making granola and all her other wholefood goodies, writing ebooks, blogging, raising her family, she has added a new string to her business bow: food styling + photography. I think she's on to something!

Now, if you like the look of that yummy chia pudding, the anti-oxidant smoothie and the colourful roasted veggie salad you might be surprised to learn that they are actually on the menu of my friend and health coach Brenda Janschek's holistic weight loss program, Break Through!, that she put together with her friend and naturopath Naomi Judge.

Brenda and Naomi developed the 28 day program for women who were having trouble shifting stubborn weight and more than that, Brenda and Naomi want help women identify their individual barriers to weight loss and to feeling vital and energised.

After a successful launch program last year Brenda and Naomi are excited to offer their program again this year. I was an affiliate last year and didn't hesitate to recommend their program to you again this year for a number of reasons:

- I love the holistic, supportive approach of this program
- The emphasis is not calories in, calories out it is about balancing hormones, correcting digestion and identifying lifestyle factors such as stress and poor sleep that contribute to stubborn weight loss
- The recipes are delicious, easy to prepare and family friendly
- This program is not just for people who want to lose weight, it is also a great program for people who want to get on track with cutting processed food out of their diet
- Brenda and Naomi are both highly experienced and knowledgable when it comes to supporting women to make healthy changes in their lives that are realistic and achievable

If you are feeling like you'd like to do something just for you, to lift your energy, gain mental clarity, get your glow back, and yes lose a few kilos too then I highly recommend taking a look at Break Through!

Considering that an initial consultation with a naturopath or health coach can be between $80 and $100 or more, this program offers excellent value. Brenda and Naomi are on hand for the whole 28 day program to answer your questions, guide and encourage you, along with the support you get from the private facebook group.

The program kicks off on Monday 2nd of March for 28 days. To take advantage of the early bird offer of $99 you'll need to sign up quick as the offer ends on February 25th, but even if you miss that you can register between February 26th and March 1st and the program is still excellent value at $147. Read more or sign up here.

You'll learn how to balance hormones, detoxify, reduce stress, reset your thyroid, combat overeating, understand the connection between your emotions and the foods you eat, create a positive mindset, identify foods that are compromising your goals, feel comfortable and excited about your body (really!), and understand how to maintain your optimum weight.

Really this is a wellness program as much as it a weight loss program.

I wanted to share this here because we mamas spend a lot of time caring for the other people in our lives and this is one way that you can do something just for you! Something that you may have been putting off, been frustrated by, at a loss for what the next step is, or just wanting to get your energy back.

I hope this is just the thing that some of you have been looking for! x

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