Sunday, August 23, 2015


I owe you a weekend reading list and stills collection so I've rolled them together!

You see I've been busy washing sheets and towels. All 3 of my guys went down with gastro since Friday. So much fun.

Anyway, we're back on track starting with this post.

During the week we had the privilege of heading out of town with two Arrerntre Elders to spend time with their family sitting under the shade of trees on one of the Elders homeland. How spectacular is that country? River and Sol loved every minute, from eating kangaroo tail to playing footy with their new friends.

Friday night I had the opportunity to meet Rosie Batty and personally tell her what a remarkable woman she is for the work she is doing to prevent domestic violence in Australia. Next week I will write a post about the evening. Join Rosie's Never Alone campaign. Together we can make a difference.

Check out the Desert Divas looking forward to seeing them at the Bush Band Bash next month.

If you're pulling your hair out because your kids are fussy eaters, or you can't bear to hear 'what's for dinner?' one more time, then Brenda Janscheck and Alexx Stuart's 21 day e-course THRIVE could be the one for you. For more details or to sign up go here, registrations close midnight tonight and the course kicks off tomorrow.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got some catching up on sleep to do! More soon. x


  1. Oh it looks like a wonderful dream, Nikki. Ok, not the gastro part, but the open spaces, the kids running free, soaking up aboriginal culture .... hope there's much good health on the horizon. Kellie xx

    1. Thanks Kellie. fortunately the gasto was over and done with within 48 hours. We are having an amazing time, feeling so lucky to be here. Hope all great with you, Clancy keeping you on your toes no doubt ;) xx

  2. That first photo really captures the outback, with the big sky and the red dirt :) Hope everyone feels better soon...

    1. thanks Liz. Yes everyone back to normal, which means my sons are asking me 'what is there to eat?' every half an hour lol. Hope all good with you. x


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