Sunday, August 02, 2015

winter remedies

By the time you are reading this we should be on the road to Alice Springs.

Our trip was delayed, we became stranded by man-flu and mini man-flu.

First Sol came down with croup, followed up with ear pain. Then River with a chesty cold.
Then Pete. He was in bed for 4 days, painful chest cough, fevers, aches, headache, the works.

Our bags sat packed. We were just waiting for wellness. No fun traveling with sickies.

Everyone is back on track and we will head off tomorrow before the sun comes up.

Most of you have probably experienced that phenomenon where somehow the whole household gets sick but mum stays well because, really who else is going to keep the show on the road?

Given the week I've had caring for sickies I thought I'd share some remedies I buy to help everyone through the cough and cold season. Sometimes chicken soup and lemon tea just isn't enough.

I like Blackmore's kids multi vitamins

The Brauer homeopathic range is excellent - I like the chesty cough remedy (the teething remedy is good too, though we're past that stage here!)

Thompson's Garlic Perles for adults

Bosisto's eucalyptus and lavender sprays have been getting a good run here too

For myself, as soon as I feel a tickle in the back of my throat I gargle salt water. Put a teaspoon of sea salt into a cup of boiling water and once it cools gargle. Do this a few times a day and I find that staves off a sore throat.

If you are suffering with sinus, salt water up the nose works wonders. Not very glamorous I know, but hey it's better than sinus congestion.

I'm no naturopath or doctor so please do seek advice before delving into taking supplements or giving them to your children. Oh and when you're buying vitamin C or children's supplements make sure to read the fine print to avoid artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours. (Just thought I'd mention that this is not a sponsored post in case you were wondering).

In the last week I've driven Sol to the emergency department of our local regional hospital that I am so thankful remains open. First with croup at 3am and then five days later with serious ear pain at 6am. As I drove the fifteen minutes in the dark on the quiet street I was grateful I didn't have to drive 50 minutes to the major hospital or further. I thought about people who live in remote places and how scary it must be when medical help is needed fast, especially with respiratory things like croup and asthma.

And as I surrendered to the relentlessness of caring for my unwell family I have felt incredibly grateful that their sicknesses are not chronic or life threatening. There are mothers and others for who caring is a 24/7 reality with no wellness in sight, at best they get respite. There are mothers who have never known their children to be well and vice versa. It is unimaginable and heart breaking. I am counting my blessings.

I hope you are all managing to stay well this winter. I'll be in touch from the road.


  1. What a lovely last paragraph that is, Nikki. Safe travels to you. Kellie xx

    1. Thanks Kellie. A shame we aren't coming through Sydney this trip I'd love to see you and your babes xx


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