Friday, August 28, 2015

weekend reading

I spent two hours writing a post about the Rosie Batty dinner I went to last Friday night and the post vanished! Don't know what I pressed, don't know where it's gone but it's gone. So, I'm sorry for the quiet week with posting. I'm aiming for more next week.

We're heading out on country this weekend with some Elders and their families, River is packing light: taking his footy. Very important.

This week we spent a lovely morning with local artist Betty Davies and her partner, drinking coffee, talking about life in Alice, raising children, Pete's work and everything in between. Making new friends, hearing about their lives, sharing life experience is part of the richness of being in new places.

I feel like I haven't been talking much about food here! And haven't been supplying you with any new recipes. I've been keeping meals pretty simple cooking in our little kitchenette here. So to make up for it I thought I'd focus on some food links today...

I don't have a thermomix but I'd like to have a go at making Jo's chicken pot pie without a thermie.

You'll find plenty of delicious family friendly recipes over at Well Nourished.


Natural New Age Mum


Alexx Stuart

Brenda Janscheck

For meal planning check out:

Planning with Kids

Veggie Mama

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy your cooking and I'll be back next week with more stories from the desert. x

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