Sunday, May 08, 2016

I love you past the volcanoes and back

Mother's Day.

Another one of those days in the year that can be joy filled, tear filled and everything in between.

Even if you want to ignore it, want it to be low key, some years it just isn't what you expect it to be.

This year, today my day was perfect.

The rain was falling and I got to watch it from my bed and listen to the sounds of my three guys in the kitchen preparing me breakfast.

Breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. A first for me.

Every Mother's Day is different.

Some years I miss my mum.

Some years we have a family lunch.

One year we spent it in in New Zealand with friends.

There are parts of this calendar event that I love and parts I loathe.

Whatever shape yours took I hope that it was all ok, and if it wasn't that you can take a few deep breaths, head off to sleep and wake up to a brand new day leaving the hurts and hiccups of today behind you.

I just read Kate Northrup's post about being a new mother. Its a must read.

Oh, the "I love you past the volcanoes and back" they are the words from Sol's Mother's Day card.

The volcanoes no less. I love that his imagination went beyond the usual moon and back and led my imagination to wonder, where are these volcanoes anyway?! Of course the literal meaning isn't important, the point is wherever the volcanoes are and back that equals a whole lot of love!

River's card touched my heart equally, describing me as "adventurous" because I try new foods lol. And that I'm good at "writing your blog and other things as well".

It got back to me a while ago that a male friend had read my writing here and couldn't understand why I'd write the things I write here, I'm guessing he found it a bit too personal, not professional or 'writerly' enough but that's because I don't write it for my friend, I write it for women.

I write here for the mamas, the fairy god mamas, the aunties, the sisters, the girl cousins, the female the feminine, that's who I write this blog for, yes for me but also for you.

So Happy Mother's Day ladies, whether you have children, wished for children, are missing your children or missing your mother today you are all welcome here and I hope that I provide something for you for the taking, something that inspires you, makes you smile, touches your heart or just makes you think "I'm not alone", because you're not! Not today or any other day. We're all in this together.

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