Wednesday, February 08, 2012

conscious chocolate

This little box of chocolate caught my attention on the counter of Rye Health my local health food store here on the Peninsula. It took me a few visits to part with $6.95 for 45g, it definitely qualifies as a mummy only kind of indulgence. To give you a picture of the intensity of this dose of chocolate there are six squares per packet, here are four remaining from my current stash...

I tried first the raw cocoa variety, the texture is close to a chocolate truffle. One square satiates even the strongest chocolate desire. I've since tried the coconut and goji and loved that there was a perfect balance of coconut and goji berries.

Conscious Chocolate is a funny name for a chocolate bar. It doesn't have a heartbeat but it is handmade from raw organic ingredients and the makers state their health and environmental conscience clearly:

"At Conscious Chocolate we are concerned with 3 things; the quality of our chocolate, the health of your insides and the sustainability of the Earth."

I don't intend this to be an ad. it is just so good I had to share - not the actual chocolate - you'll have to buy your own.

Part of the joy of this chocolate is that it is actually good for you. Really. And satiates like no other, I know I'm repeating myself. 

It contains no refined sugar, instead it is sweetened with agave nectar which has a naturally low GI index. (There's a bit of controversy to be read about how agave nectar is being promoted as the Next Best Thing in natural sweeteners and how the promotion is misleading. If you're interested read this lengthy and informative post over at Food Renegade a blog written by a passionate American wholefood loving mum). 

Now that I consider the quality of the ingredients in Conscious Chocolate and the fact that it is handmade from start to finish, $6.95 is a good deal after all. 

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