Tuesday, February 14, 2012

move it or lose it

My sister-in-law Davini who is a fabulous wholefoodie mama to four, asked me recently how I was feeling after doing my 12 week detox (no - sugar in any form, wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine or fruit). I said I felt great but I miss feeling fit like I was before I had children. Davini immediately related remembering the days when her children were under 6 years like mine, ‘It’s hard isn’t it to fit in exercise with little ones,’ she said thoughtfully and then added casually, ‘unless you’re really committed’.

The word ‘committed’ was the aha! moment for me. Davini’s right, I’ve been talking about improving my fitness for a few years now. Just hearing that word changed something inside of me. I am by no means a couch potato but I’ve been wanting to up the fitness ante for a while, I am committed so I am going to do things differently to last year and the one before that starting with working my way through this list of ways to exercise even while looking after my 2-year-old boy full time.

I’m not one for excuses.

Buy a skipping rope
Dance around the house more – sounds daggy but good cardio!
Try out local gym that offers child minding
Personal training with friends to split the cost and child minding
Buy or borrow from the library workout DVD’s
Increase playing active games with River and Sol
Commit to two yoga classes a month

If you want to improve your fitness I hope this list gives you some ideas and inspiration. Feel free share some more…

oh and if you're into Valentine's Day hope it is all you wish it to be. I'm spending today in Melbourne going to the 'Love Your Planet' lunch organised by Cool Australia and The Jane Goodall Institute. More about that tomorrow.

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