Saturday, February 25, 2012

our generation

My husband Pete works closely with Indigenous Elders and communities around Australia, in Pete's words he "celebrates culture" through his work such as his books Elders: Wisdom from Australian Indigenous Leaders, Yolgnu Mali - Aboriginal Spirit and My People's Dreaming.

It is through Pete that my insight into culture has grown and sparked within me a fire to create and take every opportunity to be part of solving the inherent ignorance and discrimination in Australian government policy and attitudes generally towards Indigenous people.  And for those insights I am grateful.

Pete brought this DVD home and I recommend seeking out a copy and watching it.

It is excellent in its balanced, honest documentation of Indigenous people's lives both in the past and today.

Of the many things that stood out to me in the film was a shot of a poster from the 1950's promoting assimilation, seeing that poster reinforced in my mind that Australian government policy is still one of assimilation, that Aboriginal people are expected to live like white people is still the dominant way of thinking.

I dream that the attitudes and policies change to one of genuine respect for the knowledge and wisdom of Aboriginal people, with a willingness to recognise and value their land, culture and traditions.

The eloquence of the speakers in the film brings clarity to what at times seems like such a complex situation that the answer is out of reach. After watching the film I see the answer is close at hand and is simple, it is living the answer that seems to be the complex part. If you're interested in living the answer check out these ways to Take Action on the Our Generation website:

Speak Up
Get Involved
Find out more
Spread the Word

Everyone can do something.

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