Thursday, May 17, 2012

a linky list

Once you've made a cup of tea and have a moment to actually sit down and drink it, here's a list of links to keep you or get you inspired...

- How good do Jude Blereau's pear anzacs look?
- And this incredible orange blossom sesame cake on My New Roots.
- On my foodie reading wishlist Love & Hunger by Australian novelist and journalist Charlotte Wood.
- My friend Michelle sent me this one -  Child's Own Studio - have you seen it? Your child does a drawing of an animal, fairy, creature, robot, you send it in and from the drawing they create a soft toy.
- On that crafty note, take a look at the latest creations happening at Harvest Workroom
- If you fancy a bit of eco 'window' shopping for housey stuff, jewellery, stationery and more check out my friend Jenny's site State of Green
- An email promoting The Champagne Dame Masterclass at Circa landed in my inbox this week and made me smile because while I still have great appreciation for champagne, The Champagne Dame seems a world away from my Wholefood Mama ways these days.

Have you finished your tea? Do you need to sort out squabbling children? Hang some washing? Go to sleep? Off you go. 'See' you back here again soon.


  1. oh i loved the list, how great is My New Roots, one of my most favourite places to drool and that sesame cake looked divine. xx

  2. Thanks Jay glad you liked the list. Lists are one of my favorite posts to read on other blogs. I'll have to convince my chocolate-cake-loving- family that the sesame cake will be just as fabulous as chocolate cake. We'll see how that goes! x


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