Monday, May 07, 2012

soul food

After taking River to school one day last week I was going-through-the-motions of my day with Sol, quite happily but there was something missing. I stopped and thought back to days spent at River's Steiner playgroup and kinder, the gentle tones of the room, the bread making, the songs and stories, connection to the seasons. I realised that's where Sol and I had to go. For our family joining the local Steiner community was more about meeting like-minded folk than it was about a strict belief or adherence to Steiner philosophy.

After I realised this and made the necessary phone calls to make it happen I started thinking about what is nourishing to my soul and that of my children. Is this {insert activity, book, game, relationship } enriching their spirit? I'm finding it helpful at the moment to ask myself this question.

And along those lines, I am loving this book Parenting with Soul by Sally Collings. I'll post a full review when I finish reading it but couldn't wait to share it with you because what I've read so far is excellent and you may want to seek it out now. With chapter titles such as, 'this messy life', 'gold in the laundry basket', 'six soul aches and how to cure them' and 'top ten soul practices' it is turning out to be one of those books I wish I'd written myself!

New-to-me blogs I've been enjoying and the trees, Local is Lovely and Rummeybears.


  1. Hello Nikki,
    thanks for the lovely link to my blog, aw-shucks. I loved this post, especially your bit about realising what is missing and feeling that reconnection, so important. That book sounds wonderful, I can't get enough of positive parenting books, more tools the better.
    best wishes jay

  2. That's a pleasure Jay. I love the window into your world in Bellingen that your blog provides, Bellingen is a place I have fond memories of visiting many years ago and I love to read of your craftiness and creative family life. Happy days to you and yours, Nikki


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