Tuesday, May 15, 2012

natural remedies to see you through winter

If I haven't mentioned it before I love flowers. Some women out there I know can take them or leave them but I think they are a divine creation. Hence beginning this post with a shot of a beautiful bloom from the bunch our local vegie grower Georgina gave me on the weekend. If you want more flower power click on over to Cecilia Fox. Now on to some natural remedies.

Despite my best immune boosting efforts, River and Sol both have sniffles and coughs. Last night I cut an  onion in half and placed it near their pillows letting the vapors release and do their work. A homeopath I used to see told me of the onion remedy and I absolutely think it helps relieve congestion.

Unfortunately at 2.5 years of age Sol doesn't really have the hang of gargling salt water which is my first strategy for treating a tickle in the throat. The key with these remedies to get on to symptoms immediately, don't wait for the tickle to develop into a super sore throat.

Liquid echinacea is part of my winter keep well kit. At the very first sign of a cold I dose up on this, or dose the boys up, and I definitely think it helps to reduce the severity and duration of a cold. Some friends are prefer olive leaf extract.

Warm honey, lemon and ginger tea (with a splash of liquid echinacea) is soothing to sore throats and just generally comforting on a rainy, cold day.

Keep the warm liquid nourishment coming in the form of chicken soup. My recipe is here.

My great gran's remedy for moving a cold along was to put garlic cloves in her socks before going to bed.

As always, if you or your child is really unwell go see your doctor or natural health practitioner rather than seeking internet advice! While natural remedies are my preference, if I have the slightest twinge of concern about symptoms in my children I visit the doctor for a diagnosis. Having a solid diagnosis helps me feel more confident about which treatment path I take.

What are your favorite remedies? All tips gratefully appreciated!

*Thanks to a comment below asking for natural alternative to Vick's vapor rub I found this alternative recipe on Whole New Mom. 

ps slight digression here but I thought it may be helpful for parents reading this who live in Victoria, if you are up late at night with a sick child and want to talk through symptoms with a health professional I can recommend the 24 hour telephone service Nurse on Call  1300 60 60 24. 


  1. Sage infusion for a sore throat. I alternate between salt and sage.
    Any ideas on, an alternative to the old Vicks chest rub?

  2. Very good question CaughtGypsy. I have had a google and added a link to the post with a recipe, but the basic idea is to use a carrier oil and add some eucalyptus essential oil and rub that on. Makes sense to me. Thanks for stopping by.


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