Wednesday, October 03, 2012

when bloggers meet

We are still enjoying our Byron Bay bliss. On Sunday I asked our dear friend David, who we stay with each year, if I could invite some friends over for a chai, "They're coming up from Bellingen and staying in Mullum". In his usual generous and gracious way he said,"Sure that's fine". I added, "There's one detail that I have to tell you and that is, I've never met them before". We both cracked up laughing and when the laughter settled, "They're your friends and you've never met them before?" he quizzed me. "We met online. Jay is a blogging friend," I explained.

And so. It happened! The super lovely Jay whose blog and the trees was one of the first to capture my undivided daily attention came to visit with her beautiful family. Before they arrived I confessed to my friend Ruth that I was feeling a bit nervous. But I needn't have been nervous Jay, Scott, Poe and Ilo were every bit as delightful in real life as they are online. They arrived with warm smiles and hugs, nuts and berries and rhubarb grown in Bellingen. We settled on to blankets on the lawn, drank chai and chatted while the children played tug-of-war and ran around playing ball.

I was first drawn into Jay's blog by her photos, her sense of humour and the warmth that she conveys in  her posts. Jay and Scott made the move with their children Poe and Ilo from Sydney to Bellingen 16 months ago and I admired that because in time moving north is on Pete and my wishlist too. Coupled with the fact that I have great memories of Bellingen from a time Pete and I spent there about seven years ago, Jay's blog has all the ingredients to keep me happily reading along.

On Monday morning when I was sifting through the photos my friend Michael had snapped of Jay and I (just look past my current hairstyle that is an unintended cross between Farrah Fawcett and Suzi Quatro), my friend Ruth wandered in and we sat looking at photos and chatting about blogs. Ruth is mama to one year old twins and was there with her family to meet Jay, Scott, Ilo and Poe. Ruth is not a blogger I showed her and the trees and she said "ooooh isn't it beautiful. I can see how you can fall in love with a family you've never met!"


  1. Jay and her family seem like the perfect 'friends you have never met' friends to have visit!! ( I think you hairstyle is cute!!) :) x

  2. :) thank you Judith. My haircut was an 'accident', until about 6 months ago I've always had long hair so short hair is taking some getting used to. Making friends online is a whole new world to me but yes you are right Jay and her family are a delight to begin with. xx

  3. hello lovely one,
    it was a pretty lovely, easy and special wasn't it. we also thought that your family and friends were such a delight. i am so happy that we got to meet, and for the record I was a little nervous too. i had to laugh at the photos and our perceptions, i think you look fabulous but think that i just look tired! happy settling back into home.
    best wishes jay xxxx

  4. oh and thank you for saying such beautiful things about my blog, aw shucks.

  5. Oh how wonderful you got to meet Jay, yay! :) I'm jealous you both got to go the delicious cafe you've mentioned so often now. I am tempted to drive up just for breakfast there!

    1. It was a treat to actually meet! ...which cafe do you mean?


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