Wednesday, October 31, 2012

rocket through procrastination

I am veering off topic today. Seeking a new recipe. This post has little to do with the green leafy kind of rocket pictured and more to do with the spaceship blast off kind of rocket force required to bust through procrastination. Do you suffer from putting off til tomorrow what you could and should definitely do today? Including improve the quality and or quantity of food you eat?

I have always left things til the last minute worked well under pressure. I have though been giving a lot of thought recently to changing my last minute ways and I am interested to hear how you manage or mismanage that precious resource: time.

For example, this week River has been home from school sick with conjunctivitus, cough and temperature which has rendered us housebound. As much as I don't like to see River feeling unwell, the silver lining in this cloud is I have worked through my list of housey things I have been putting off. I have also felt grateful that I am able to be at home with him and Sol making chicken soup and giving him some extra TLC.

Every task I finished was so much quicker and easier to do than my thinking self had conjured up for me. As with nearly every task I put off once I have done it or at the very least started the job I always think "That was easier than I thought it would be. Why didn't I do that sooner?!"

Therein lays the secret. Turn off the thinking. Or as my Darling husband often tells me when it comes to getting things done "Take the emotion out of it". He is right. It works.

So what's my strategy for changing my ways? Every time the angel of procrastination whispers "you can do that later" I am going to Begin It Now.

Have you ever put off something and then when you finally did it think "Why didn't I do this days, weeks or years ago?" What are your tips for busting through procrastinating? Or, do you think there is any truth that procrastination serves a purpose? I'd love to know.


  1. I know that I function best when I have lots to do and balance my work with healthy "rests" of procrastination - but I think the number one thing is to give yourself achievable goals, then achieve them - and its ok if a little procrastination happens along the way. :-) x

  2. Thanks G for sharing that. The trap for me with allowing a little procrastination along the way is that it can easily creep into a lot of procrastination if I don't keep it in check. Very healthy approach you have. x

  3. I love when you get all fired up and tick off a whole lot of "to do" items that have been hanging over your head. As far as procrastination goes....I still working on that one...but the begin now approach you're channeling seems the way to go. WIshing you a lovely Friday with lots of odd jobs finished off.
    Steph :) x
    (your newest follower..loving your space!)

  4. Hello and welcome Steph! Lovely to have you following along and always nice to know that I am not alone in procrastination. I am happy to report that begin it now is working very well already! You too have a happy friday and weekend x

  5. hi Nikki, I can so relate to this because I'm a champion procrastinator... it does serve one purpose which is to avoid the discomfort you feel from doing something you don't like (say, taking care of all the bills), but you're so right that when you just get stuck in and get it done, it's always so much easier than you thought it would be! I'm going to take that pearl of wisdom with me now and do some housecleaning. thanks :) oh and also your blog is just what I need right now- some good wholefood inspiration. Cheers!


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