Friday, November 02, 2012

fabulous friday

It's been a long week here with River home all week sick and Pete away working. Despite this, I've feel exceptionally grateful for 'the everyday'. Allison Tait writes about 'the everyday' so eloquently in this post.

Now on with the links:

If you are feeling like the odd one out because you don't condone stuffing children with processed food
be inspired by Sally Kuzemchak's nutrition mission

More whole food inspiration from those Health Talkin' ladies. Watch them whip up beetroot, pepita, rosewater and pomegranate salad. 

Veggie gardeners how fabulous is Swap Shuffle Share?

A few lovely blogs I have recently signed up to follow...
The Owl Outside My Door
Maitland St Meals
This Brown Wren

Brighten up your day and read this story on The Design Files about my friend Melanie who is obsessed  in the best possible way with all things flowers. Mel has opened a new little shop in Melbourne selling her floral creations, she is pictured in this story looking gorgeous with her super sweet new baby boy called Dusty. God I love babies. And flowers. And before you ask, as much as Sol and River keep asking for a baby sister no I won't be having any more babies :)

Happy weekend everyone. Thanks for reading. Xx


  1. this is a really love space to visit and i am pleased that i found it. looking forward to some late night reading with all those links. x

  2. hey, didn't i just leave a comment about how much i love your friday links, two seconds ago?yikes that week went fast.
    sorry to hear about River being sick, hope he is on the mend. Poe and Ilo were talking about River and Sol today, we met someone else named Sol and then we chatted about visiting you all, lovely.
    love jay

  3. :) Such a surprise to see my little blog mentioned here! You are very sweet Nikki, and thank you x
    I Hope River is feeling better now and you all get to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.
    PS Thank you too, for a great week of reading!

  4. thank you for mentioning our little blog! :-) I really like the collection of links you post each friday, very useful! x

  5. Thanks ladies for your comments I do love them. Really great to get feedback that you enjoy the Friday links! Of course as it happens with children and sickness - they share it! So, River is just about right and now Sol is down with it. Ho hum. Jay, that is very cute that you have met another Sol and enjoyed reminiscing about our meeting. Hopefully our next visit to Byron coincides with you visiting Mullum! Thanks all xx


Thanks for your comments. I read every one!

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