Thursday, November 08, 2012


Imagine having a weeks worth of home-cooked, nutritious, made with love dinners prepared ahead of cranky, hungry children o'clock. Couple that with the fact you had fun making said dinners with your girlfriends while your children played together. This is happening in kitchens all around the world thanks to a couple of smart thinking Aussie mums.

If you are familiar with the fun loving, big batch cooking Mamabake ladies you will know what I'm talking about. As their tagline says Mamabake is - "liberating mothers across the world through group big batch baking."

It all started with a gift of lasagne from one mama to another. That gift equalled more than a nutritious meal that Michelle Shearer didn't have to cook, it equalled something that is gold to all mothers - TIME TO HERSELF. 

Michelle writes on the Mamabake blog about receiving the lasagne and gaining time to surf:

"That got me thinking about sharing the domestic burden and sharing chores.  But, we couldn’t share everything, that would be too huge.  But we could take on one chore and share that.  Cooking. And so MamaBake was born."
So how does Mamabake work?
A group (generally 4-6 mamas but can be any number) of mamas come together and each cook a big batch meal that is then divided up so that everyone leaves with enough of each meal to feed their family.
(note handstand extraordinaire in the background)
For the bargain price of $4.95 you can buy a Mamabake Big Batch recipe ebook that includes not only big batch dinner recipes but lunch box ideas too for a week's worth of not thinking about what to put in school lunches. Yay for that.

Check out their site here  or go on over and like them on facebook and you'll be rewarded with an entertaining and informative stream of Mamabake goodness. If you sign up to become a Mamabake member you have the chance to win a holiday for 4 to Bali.

All sounds good to me!


  1. No one would want to eat my cooking!
    I am not that good in the kitchen

    1. :) Anne I haven't met a mother yet who has knocked back a meal someone else cooked for her! As long as it is made with love and perhaps cooking with others would give you more confidence/tips in the kitchen. Just checked out your blog and I am very inspired to get moving! I may be able cook with confidence but I would love to work more on regaining my fitness. I fully committed to my daily yoga and beach walk but would love to up the ante and your blog is packed with tips on how to do it. For other readers looking for some fitness tips head on over, Anne is a fitness instructor sharing her knowledge for free! Thanks for reading Anne x

  2. oh we have just been talking about doing the mama bake thing, but including papas as well. such a beautiful idea. xx

  3. What a wonderful concept! Such a lovely way for Mummas to not only help out with the endless task of meal preparation but to get together and share stories, empathise with one another and build a beautiful community. I must go and have a look...
    Thanks for sharing. WIshing you a lovely Friday.
    Steph :)

    1. Thanks Steph. I haven't actually got my act together and organised a mamabake session yet, I think it would be fun. I do though enjoy the Mamabake ladies banter on facebook they keep me smiling. Happy Friday to you too x


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