Friday, November 16, 2012

friday fun

(River age 3. Veggie gardener in the making)

At River's school 'friday fun' is their regular way to end the week. The last hour of the afternoon is dedicated to playing and some awards are given out for the table who has the most stars for the week. They all love it. Friday fun sounds like a good way to me to end the week.

Next week my plan is to magic up more time to write and put more posts up here. Fingers crossed everyone else is my house sticks to my plan :)

For now, here are some links to get you inspired about eating and living well:

If you only click on one of these links make it this one - The Top 10 Nutritional Mistakes listed on Nora Gedgaudas site are so compelling and accurate, reading them has made me rethink my daily coffee. Sigh.

Time to share some blog love...this is a beautiful post by Brenda @ Mira Narnie wrote at our table a wonderful reminder of the importance of making time to share food together and some good ideas for making meals time pleasant even with fussy eaters.

I always love finding other wholefood friends, visit Natalie's lovely blog the spaces between where she writes about slowing down, wholefoods and living a simple life where less is more.

I love babies and I am very excited for three friends who have welcomed new little babes into the world over the last few months. All three have totally gorgeous names: a boy called Dusty, a girl named Izzy and another girl whose name is Clover. While I was clicking around looking for gifts I came across The Mother's Wisdom Deck on a beautiful blog Mothering with Soul. I thought you would like it too.

If you are looking to start your Christmas gift shopping, visit Jay's online store where you'll find cute handmade headbands and great tops n skirts. Only trick will be buying for others and not yourself!

I was the last among my friends to get a mobile phone way back when, and recently I have been about the last among my friends to sign up to Facebook but I've done it mainly to bring more readers here. You can visit The Wholefood Mama Facebook page here and if you like it, feel free to Like it and share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading. I hope your Friday is fun and your weekend too x


  1. oh beautiful River, what a gorgeous shot. Thanks again for your wonderful Friday links, you know i love them. xx

    1. That's a pleasure. Hope you get some shoppers to your shop :) xo

  2. beautiful shot of River in the lush green garden. And I spot a sunflower too! Thanks for the mention, the other links, .i did spy a very pretty t-shirt from Jay's handiwork, and congrats on FB! x

    1. I love this sunflower shot too. Thanks for your visit to my facebook page! x

  3. wow! lovely post Nikki! thanks for the mention! I love natalie's blog and can't wait to try that carrot cake recipe she has on there! thanks so much for sharing so many good links x


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