Tuesday, November 06, 2012

eat well now

Over the past few months I've been reading Kris Carr and Jessica Ainscough's blogs with interest. These green smoothie drinking, plant eating, life loving gals are inspiring people the world over to live well. Now! For those of you who don't know their stories, Kris is an American woman who was diagnosed with a rare, incurable (thankfully slow-growing) cancer and has gone on to write 5 books, make a film and write a blog about the path she has taken in confronting cancer. Jess is a 26 year old Australian woman who was diagnosed four years ago with a rare form of cancer in her arm and shoulder, the only option for survival offered to Jess was amputation. Jess declined having her arm amputated, said no thanks to chemo and set off on her own path of healing which she blogs about at the Wellness Warrior.

Jess and Kris are inspirations not just to people with cancer. I am so captivated by Jess and Kris' stories because intrinsic in their message is one that is close to my own heart and that is to "Live Well NOW!" or as some put it "Prevention is Hot!" The health odds are stacked against the majority of people living in developed countries who 'get by' on processed food, and are immersed in pollution and stress. Modern living is toxic on many levels and it takes consciousness and commitment to swim in a different more vibrant stream.

The seeds for my own inspiration to live well and inspire others to do so were planted in me early. The biggest catalyst occurred when I was 21 and my mother died suddenly of an unexpected heart attack. My mum was 44 years young and had no obvious symptoms of heart disease. Her father died at the same age of a heart attack and my mum certainly was not on the prevention is hot train. No. In many ways my dear mum was reckless with her life and her health. Mum was a smoker, drinker, didn't exercise, skipped meals and had plenty of stress to tie all that together. Now that I am a mother I understand my own mum at a deeper level. I miss her greatly. I am grateful for the time I had with her and grateful that I have the awareness and courage to live my life differently. Mum's death elevated my desire to look after myself. In the sixteen years since my mum passed I have made peace with my body image issues that plagued me since early childhood, I found yoga and I have committed myself to a diet and lifestyle that nourishes me. Sure I stray from my path but overall I feel so fortunate that I am living the life I am.

Since having my own family and trading restaurant meals for ones I cook myself my writing focus has shifted. When I was living in Melbourne, reviewing restaurants and writing about mainstream food I was up with the latest cafe, which chef was at which restaurant, which flavours and ingredients were the ones on everyone's lips; one of my editors referred to me as 'newshound Nikki' if there were sheets of newspaper covering a shopfront I'd be tapping on the door to see what was happening, hunting out the next cafe story. I had fun and wouldn't change a minute of it (well maybe the inedible duck rillettes at restaurant unmentionable that just about put me off eating duck for life) but I am glad that I have grown and moved forward in my health and ultimately my happiness.

To deepen my commitment to this path I've been researching nutrition courses, deciding which one to  enrol in next year. I am hungry for knowledge and hungry to share what I know and believe in. I've been tap tap tapping away writing my first ebook that will hopefully be ready early next year to inspire you to take, or keep your family on the wellness path.

So, my Wholefood Mama friends don't wait to get sick to get well! If you aren't already living as though your life and your health are gifts to be cherished and nurtured I ask you why? You deserve to. And your family and friends deserve to have you for a very long, healthy and happy lifetime.

Now its over to you. What are your thoughts on committing to the wellness path? Challenges? Triumphs? Do tell. Oh and if any readers have studied nutrition and would recommend the course I'd love to hear that too. Thanks for reading. x


  1. Nikki I hear and understand all that you have said. I am truly dedicated to eating well, sure I do stray a little but it's ok to do sometimes. Both of my parents have recently had some major health issues, my Dad has bowel cancer but is doing well and my mother had a stroke which has resulted in a clot on her brain that is causing her to be in some pain. It's has come at a shock to me that this has happened even though until only 3 years ago their lifestyle choices leave a lot to be desired. Even though I was already on the path of good health choices I'm now even more determined to continue and grow on this path. x

    1. thanks Catherine for sharing your story. I'm glad to hear your dad is doing well and sorry to hear your mum has some pain. It is a shock when our loved ones become ill. Yay for you and your husband and girls that you are focused on making good health choices. I look forward to supporting each other on the journey x

  2. Nothing is truer, Health is a gift to be treasured and respected for as long as it lasts. And may that be long.

    Mental heath too, not just physical health :)

    xo em

    1. You are so right Em I am glad you pointed out the importance of looking after our mental health, that too is put at risk by a poor diet and toxic environment. Important to be nourished on all levels - body, mind and spirit. Take good care pregnant mama :) x

  3. what a beautiful, rich and important post, thank you Nikki. 'you are what you eat' is so true and knowing exactly what you are eating is a seemingly simple thing to do, but so many people are consuming, through processed foods, so many numbers and unknowns and these build up in the body (along with things that they breathe in or absorb). The two women sound amazing, what a journey, will definitely check out their blogs. And yes Em, mental health is so important because if it isn't looked after it manifests in the body in not so nice ways.
    and i am so excited about the course you are looking into and even more excited about the e book, you are amazing, your mum must be shining with love and pride.
    love jay

    1. thanks Jay for your sweet kindness. I'm excited too about following this path. So glad to have 'bumped' into you on this e-path :) always wonderful to meet others who value real food and want to share that with their children. Hope all is well and not too busy in Bello xx

  4. Lovely post. Nikki. I'm a newish blogger, love your blog and just discovering all the goodness of the blog world.

    it really is true that health is everything. I feel very fortunate to have access to good food and to have access to education and knowledge on why choosing whole foods and steering clear of processed foods is the way to do. I've been reading rather voraciously and discovering so many more reasons why processing methods are just plain bad, and totally change the makeup of food! Oh and the other main reason, and what got me into real foods, is that after a period of intense stress and a virus I never regained my energy and have what people call CFS (i'm not so much into labels!). I'm finding that lots of good quality rest, food, sunshine and laughter is helping with healing. Nat x


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