Tuesday, November 13, 2012

roll up roll up

Last weekend we quietly celebrated Pete's birthday. When it comes to birthdays he is a very low fuss kind of guy. I on the other hand love celebrating birthdays as you can see here and here. For Pete's day of days we had a couple of friends over, ate nori rolls, of course made a cake and enjoyed the sunshine.

Making the nori rolls got me thinking. Do you like making your own? What do you fill them with?
If you have never rolled your own nori rolls before once you do you will be thinking "this is so easy! why haven't I ever done this?!" All the ingredients are so readily available, even if like me you are living out of the city and don't have access to Asian grocery stores you will find seaweed sheets, sushi vinegar and sushi mats in supermarkets and health food stores.

We like to make ours with brown rice and then the fillings vary according to what I have in the cupboard, fridge and garden. Jars filled with alfalfa and fenugreek seeds at various stages of sprouting are on high rotation on our benchtop right now so sprouts were in some, along with carrot, cucumber, tuna, smoked salmon, avocado, white onion in some, lettuce in others, a scrape of mayo here and there. I used sushi vinegar on the rice this time but sometimes I use a splash of apple cider vinegar in its place, the sushi vinegar is fairly sweet. Nori rolls are a great way of smuggling veggies into any fussy eaters in your life.

If you are in a grain free zone you can of course make them without rice and instead just roll the seaweed around salad and protein of your choice.

I came across this delicious recipe for nori rolls with sticky brown rice and ginger plum sauce on a totally fabulous blog called The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen. Serious case of blog envy!

So if you've never rolled your own nori rolls go on its fun. Tell me how it goes. 
What are your favorite fillings?


  1. ooh we love nori rolls in our family! it's a bit of a treat to head down to our favourite place for lunch. We've made them a few times. we love tuna and avacado or salmon and cucumer! It's something great to get the whole family involved in!

  2. My girl would be in heaven if I made these for her for lunch! Can't quite get past the smell of the nori sheets myself. I'd love to love it but... Maybe if I made my own it would start a new love affair. Thanks for sharing such lovely wholesome ideas. Hope your Wednesday is a lovely one.
    Steph :) x


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